Femmostroppo Reader – May 1, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • So Sexy Too Soon
  • – “Diane Levin and Jean Kilbourne explore the role of gendered and sexualized marketing on young girls in So Sexy, So Soon. They tell a story of 7- and 8-year-old girls who feel they must be sexy so boys will like them and are upset that their parents won’t buy them sexy clothes. “

  • An Angle On Slash and the Appropriation Debate
  • – “I can see how gay men look at slash and see their sexuality being co-opted by someone who is in a position of privilege in relation to them. The fact that slash-writing women may see it as sexualizing someone in a greater position of privilege than theirs – straight white men – that’s not how you see it when you’re reading descriptions of your own sexuality being fetishized by people whose group – straight people/women – gives you shit in real life, and who aren’t a part of the sexuality they’re describing, which is supposed to be yours. I really do get it – I have seen bad “lesbian” porn. To gay men, slash fiction must seem as skeezy and turn-off-ish as straight and “lesbian” (made for men) porn seems to a lot of women.”

  • I’ll see you a coward and raise you an idiot.
  • – Possum’s perspective on the electioneering calculus underlying Labor’s ditching of the ETS

  • Fair Use … of Hitler!
  • – “You’ve probably heard that many of those wonderful YouTube parodies using the clips from Downfall are disappearing due to copyright claims. Well, to help combat that tragedy, Rocketboom/Know Your Meme have put together this useful Public Service Announcement ‘Challenging a YouTube Take Down with Fair Use’:”

  • Chip, Chip, Chip…
  • – “The Florida Senate has passed an amendment that would not only require women seeking abortions to get an ultrasound, but to pay for them:”

  • Stephanie Grace, racist Harvard emailer.
  • – “I’m obviously troubled and disgusted by Stephanie Grace’s email and her arguments. But I’m even more disgusted by many of the responses — the ones that say the email wasn’t really racist, that it’s somehow irrational to use terms like “racist” or “sexist,” and that any idea, no matter how horrific, should not only be introduced but also should not be met with any level of offense.”

  • What women want: a non event
  • – “What was missing was any wider analysis of what needed to be done on whole of government basis. The areas to be discussed were very limited and there was no mention of what happened in other portfolio areas.”

  • Amazing Shuttle picture!
  • – “”Amateur” astronomer Ralf Vandebergh took this incredible shot of the Space Shuttle Orbiter Discovery as it was docked to the space station. Mind you, this picture was taken from the ground!”

  • Saving girls from being cut
  • – “It inspired him to take action! Feminist-minded journalism with a positive real-life impact? Now, fancy that. “

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  1. Technical question: Do you post your link roundup using the Delicious “Blog Posting” feature and then somehow edit the post before it is published? Or is this done completely manually?

    • I use a WordPress plugin that hooks directly into my Google Reader Shared Items – when I choose “Share with Note” then my note gets imported by the plugin as well. When I have a sufficient number of links, I hit the admin settings here for that plugin and tell it to “Run”, and it publishes the post.
      Unfortunately, you can’t use such plugins on wordpress.com – they’re only available on self-hosted WordPress installs.

  2. Thank you again for the links, Tigtog! 🙂

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