24th Down Under Feminists Carnival!

Two years. TWO YEARS! That’s how long we’ve been doing this Down Under Feminists Carnival thing.

This month, Frankie PhD has the honour of posting the second birthday edition. The 24th Down Under Feminists Carnival is now up at her PhD Research Blog. Go and check it out!

The optional theme for this edition of the carnival was “community”. Many of the posts in the carnival discuss gendered experience of public space, family life, and the workplace, the way women are perceived and treated in the community, and the difference expectations placed on women’s behaviour.

Next month the Carnival will be hosted at Rachel Hills’ place. There’s no set theme, so rev up your keyboards and post on whatever feminist topic takes your fancy over the next month. Submissions will be due in by the 2nd of June. Check out the full Down Under Feminists Carnival page for more info.

Please spread the word about the carnival through your online networks. Share and enjoy!

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2 replies

  1. Happy 2nd birthday DUFC!

  2. Two years! That’s fantastic!!
    I love this carnival. There’s a real sense of community around it, community that supports the carnival, and is in turn nurtured by it. Many thanks to the fabulous women who have hosted the carnival, and and many many many thanks to Lauredhel, who got it all going, and pushes it along.

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