Femmostroppo Reader – May 5, 2010

Items of interest found recently in my RSS feed. What did I miss? Please share what you've been reading (and writing!) in the comments.

  • Appearance politics: does this dress say I’m easy?
  • – “You see a woman in stiletto heels and a short skirt with long flowing glossy hair and lots of makeup and pouty lips. Beside her is a woman with no makeup in jeans and flip flops, her hair looking clean and brushed but not particularly styled. Regardless of which one you personally consider more attractive, do you find yourself inferring the first woman is sexually available to men at the moment? I do, much as I wish I didn’t – everything in her appearance has been coded over decades of fashion development to signal just that, and I can’t delete that information from my mind. Even if she’s looking that way for another reason – because she likes it, because she’s a model and it’s part of the job, because she wants to impress her girlfriend on their tenth anniversary – we’ve been taught that for a woman to look like that means she is offering herself sexually to men.”

  • And I’d like to nominate Senator Nick Minchin…
  • – FP gives a well deserved excoriation

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