Femmostroppo Reader – May 25, 2010

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  • MU graduate copes with effects of sexual assault – Columbia Missourian
  • – “About that person, she said, “They were taking out some sort of violence on me.”

    Without a name or a face, though, it’s hard to conjure up anger toward the person or people responsible.

    “It’s like they’re nothing,” she said. “It’s like they’re a ghost.”

    Even so, she sees constant reminders of that night.

    In a college class, when she looked at the sentence, “She didn’t remember what happened last night,” she couldn’t think about grammar. She thought about being raped.

    She now notices how many jokes center on rape and violence — in casual conversation, in movies, in books.

    Those things never registered before. Now they seem to be everywhere.

    “I was so oblivious, and I think everyone is,” she said.”

  • We must arrest this woman in order to save her
  • – “hat should be done about the male gaze, and the assumption that women’s bodies are so radioactive and men so weak of will that rape will simply be compulsory if women don’t cover up, is definitely something which the blokes on LP can do something about, if they so choose. The difference between “Infidel uncovered meat!1!” and “what did she expect, going there at that hour in that skirt” is only one of degree, not kind. But it’s easier to make a new law with the stroke of a pen and claim your fauxminism has won the day for women everywhere than think about that stuff.”

  • First Time In UK – Commercial For Unplanned Pregnancy And Abortion Advice Services
  • – “part of a new campaign by Marie Stopes International, the UKs leading provider of sexual health services outside of the NHS.”

  • ANZAC Day indoctrination
  • – “I think I’d be much happier if they just left it alone until at least primary school. This pro-ANZAC Day propaganda campaign in schools is very disturbing. When I went to school, ANZAC Day was presented as a day to mark all that is stupid, awful and pointless about war, with a side helping of the value of friendship, ingenuity and disobeying orders.”

  • Eleventh Carnival of Feminist Parenting
  • – Some terrific posts – go read!

  • Weekly Pulse: Nun Excommunicated for Approving Lifesaving Abortion | RHRealityCheck.org
  • – “This wasn’t even a choice between the life of the mother and the life of the fetus. An 11-week-old fetus is not viable. If the mother dies, the fetus dies with her. Evidently Bishop Olmestead would rather have seen the woman and the fetus die instead of saving the woman. How pro life.”

  • – “This post is likely to cause nausea, inability to sleep and later nightmares. Readers are advised to take proper precautions. I would not recommend reading to anyone who has been sexually attacked in the past or who fears such attacks.”

  • “I’ll Never Be One of Those Skinny Girls”
  • – “Just to be sure you don’t think Shape is arguing that you, yourself, should accept your body the way it is, the article includes a link to Kim’s workout routine so you can “get her body.””

  • Positioning Man Who Raped A Woman As A Victim
  • – “Too often when it comes to sex crimes people excuse those who practice deliberate ignorance and who use generalities about what some women want as an excuse to not make sure their actions are wanted by a specific person at a specific time.”

  • If only those black people had understood the power of the free market
  • – “Back in the days when every hotel and restaurant discriminated against black people, they could have just taken their business to the other hotels and restaurants that, um….oh wait. There weren’t any.”

  • Pro-life is what they call themselves, part 4
  • – “The comments thread to the post (and to the echoed post) however makes clear that to many ardent Catholics, Bishop Olmsted’s position is the moral high ground: Catholics stand for letting pregnant woman die rather than performing an abortion. I’d say that was disturbing, but it’s also not uncommon: it’s just pro-life to let women die.”

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