Otterday! And Open Thread.

How many times do I have to tell you, people? Don’t fuck with otters. They are VICIOUS LITTLE WEASELS. Awesome vicious little weasels – this is not an insult – but vicious little weasels.

Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a good book (or a bad one)? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? What have you created lately? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

Description: Handheld phone video. It is a sunny Floridian canal bank. An otter is quietly hanging out on the edge of the canal. The holder of the phone runs right up at the otter. The otter jumps into the water and swims a short distance away. The otter circles back around, and takes a good look at the holder of the phone, perhaps trying to tell him to get the fuck out of his space. The otter circles around in the water once more, giving the camera dude yet another chance to back off. The otter then climbs up out of the water, lopes toward camera dude, and bites him. A scream is heard as the camera shakes and bucks.

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  1. Hahaha. That is beautiful.

  2. Feeling slightly panicky because we move out of our house in 9 days, and there is masses to be done. Plus a very busy weekend: children’s rehearsals last night, children’s drama school end of year show this afternoon and evening, my singing concert in which the girls are singing too tomorrow night (dressed as angels – too beautiful!), school “community” singing on Monday evening. All this busy-ness would explain why I am still sitting in bed drinking coffee…
    Love the otter video.

  3. I was briefly quite excited to find a website devoted to puncturing the trend of overparenting, and then I realised that their mission statement at the top of their site is a .jpeg image, with no alt text. I have left them a comment about this.

    Some of you may still find some of their links useful

  4. Oh, I saw this on otters during the week and have been eagerly awaiting my chance to post it. Comedian Stewart Lee on the awesomeness of otters. No transcript yet, will add it shortly. Transcript added below.
    I’ve thought about moving to the countryside though…I’ve got a 2 bedroom flat in Hackney…I worked it out I could have sold it and bought a house in North Wales or Herefordshire.
    I saw this house in Herefordshire advertised on the internet – it said it had a garden – I haven’t got a garden where I live…it said it had a river running through the garden – I haven’t got a river running through the garden…I haven’t got a garden.
    And at the bottom of the page, the estate agent had put:
    From the kitchen window, you can see otters.
    Yeah, otters. [pause] Raises the bar, doesn’t it?
    (puts hand to ear as if holding a phone receiver)

    (pretending to be estate agent):
    I’ve got a lovely property you might be interested in, Mr Lee.
    (responds as himself): Hmmm…[pause]…Are there…[pause]…visible otters?
    (still as himself): Nooo? Oh dear. Well, if you remember when I first came in I did make it very clear to you that…uh…I suffer from…an allergy to anything that is not an otter…(starts giggling in disbelief at what he’s just said) I suffer from an allergy to all…non-otter objects…(giggles again) so you can imagine important it is to me to be …
    Mmmm? No it is real, it’s not made-up…The only reason you haven’t heard of it is that anyone who has it well, they immediately die…you’re (snorts) very much my last hope…
    There’s only three or four of them there?…well that’s a start, a good start…
    Eh? You feel that, given that it’s an important gig, especially with that messy bit with the card at the beginning,…it’s ill-advised of me to set off at this point on an unplanned improvisation?
    Yes, that’s very interesting…but you would think that. Look, there’s one bloke really liking it, I don’t know if you heard that…well, yeah, mm, it’s going…I dunno…the problem now is it’s going sort’s going almost well enough to persist with…but…
    If you were me you’d have got out on the phrase “visible otters”? Yeah well…yes, thank you, goodbye.
    (mimes putting phone down, strides off stage left)

  5. Just added transcript to that comedian video. I’ve been for a walk and just had a Vietnamese Pork Roll for my lunch. That means it’s nearly afternoon nap time!

  6. A third of my face is numb 😦 This morning involved a visit to the dentist.

  7. my singing concert in which the girls are singing too tomorrow night (dressed as angels – too beautiful!), school “community” singing on Monday evening.

    It’s a good job you can still do that, Deborah, as according to big Ted Baillieu, this has been forbidden in Victoria for yonks. Not that I’ve noticed. He’s heroically announced that he’s reversed this non-policy and that from now on, Xmas celebrations will be allowed. Huzzah.
    We can all stop singing “Chairman Mao is the brightest red sun” and start singing “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” again! Like me, you may have not noticed the dead hand of the Political Correctness on our littlies, but then I don’t get out much.

  8. Spent the week running around getting urgent stuff done. But too many nights of too little sleep, and days of too much coffee and not enough food have caught up with me. I’ve an unshakeable headache, little voice and feeling quite poorly. Now that I’ve successfully crashed and burned I’m having a be nice to myself weekend. I’m currently watching a kids movie with my son and enjoying, very much, the otter related clips here.

  9. Ooh, I think I’m going to have to put this on my calendar for lunchtime 18th December: A flashmob doing Silly Walks somewhere around Sydney

  10. Reading a good book (or a bad one)?

    Jonathan Engel’s The Epidemic: a Global History of AIDS is definitely not what I was hoping for when I grabbed it from the library shelf. Does anyone know of good lay-accessible historical overviews of HIV/AIDS that meet either or both of the following criteria:
    1. recognizes that the AIDS pandemic affected countries other than the USA and “Africa” (latter scare-quoted because of course, it isn’t a country, see point 2) in more than passing notes, unless explicitly and carefully limiting its own geographic scope
    2. if it deals with the pandemic in African countries, has a consistently sophisticated view of Africa, certainly not treating it as more or less culturally and politically uniform
    I’m not necessarily looking for global overviews (although they’re fine!), much more specific topics like the infected blood scandal in France or the history of ACT UP is fine too.

  11. Just wondering whether anybody else is rocking up to the family gathering with a new favourite dish only discovered this year?
    I’m going to be taking some prawns marinated in garlic and a little bit of ginger & a generous supply of whole cumin seeds, lay them out in a baking dish with some crumbled feta cheese & quartered cherry tomatoes, bake the lot for 18 minutes at 200′, then serve with lots of fresh baby rocket and serve with lime quarters to drizzle juice over before eating. mr tog discovered this from some menus handed around at work. Capsicum works as a substitute for the tomatoes for those who prefer, and storebought marinated prawns with chili and crushed macadamia nuts (or lemon garlic & parsley) work perfectly well instead of doing it yourself – just don’t forget the cumin and limes!
    I also offered to take pear & blue cheese salad, discovered on Mim’s blog: which we adore, but some strange people in our family don’t like blue cheese. Will just have to keep the makings in the fridge for nomming when we get back from the gathering!

  12. That was AWESOME, our whole family loved it. Did the dog belong to camera dude? It was whimpering as the otter approached, and probably had the good sense to run off before the bite. But dudes, dogs & wildlife DON’T mix.
    I’m trying so hard to ignore Christmas, apart from booking a nice quiet house around the corner from the in-laws so that we don’t have to live with their daily routine. My partner is doing all the food stressing, and this year I’m letting him. It’s really refreshing. I will tackle presents, but they’re going to be very low-key. I’m going to put the emphasis upon board games and bush walks and lots of champagne.

  13. TT, dishes plagiarised from restaurant/caterers menus have always been a favourite with me (see Sarti ham hoc risotto – probably best kept for winter, that one.)
    Again with the prawns: this one is an invention of mine: get some skewers – the small size ones from the Japanese section of the grocery, not the larger ones for kebabs. While you’re in the Japanese section, grab some pickled ginger.
    Make skewers with:
    Cooked peeled prawns (marinated with lemongrass/garlic or simply plain)
    Cherry tomatoes
    Pickled ginger
    Cucumber cubes.

  14. The silly walks flashmob would be SO MUCH FUN! But I will be in full party prep mode so I can’t go.
    Helen and tigtog – both those prawn dishes sound gooood.
    I haven’t really started thinking about Christmas food yet beyond “we’ll stick something in the Webber” and my Dad volunteering to bring the prawns.

  15. I just watered the garden, and discovered some of my pots are just draining the water all the way through. Have dunked one of the very small fruit trees in a bucket, in the hopes it will bring it back from the brink (hot weather, and leaving Dad in charge of watering as Mum and I were away turned out to be not that great an idea.) Hopefully it will work, because we want our lemon tree to be awesome. But in the meantime, it seems that our kaffir lime, that poor lemon, and a few other plants will need repotting with a better soil mix. So I’m off to ask the internets what to use.
    Unless someone here can recommend what we should be using for our potted citrus trees?

  16. Julie: maybe you can rehab that soil with some compost, wetting agent, and perhaps water holding crystals?

  17. In answer to my question re HIV/AIDS books, Clarisse Thorn on Feministe noted that Elizabeth Pisani’s The Wisdom of Whores is available as a download this month. Yay!

  18. I fell asleep on the couch instead of finishing off the DUFC post! I’m too tired now, will get on to it first thing in the morning.

  19. ((((((Deborah))))))
    I’ve just moved as well, and it’s a frelling nightmare. Good wishes.
    (Narrowly avoided homelessness too; yay to wonderful friends*).
    (* That’s not sarcastic; they’re the reason I avoided it).

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