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two lanterns with red glass covering glowing candelsvia the marvellous Karen Healey at Attention Rebellious Jezebels, news of the December Lights Project, promising “Short stories to light up the winter season…”:

We love short stories.

We love writing them, and we love reading them. But most of all, we love sharing them.

At this time of year – as the sky goes dark by 4.30 pm in Wales, where we live, and the cold wraps around us, chilling to the bone – what we really want more than anything else are stories that make us laugh and feel good about the world.

So we thought we’d gather some, and share them with with you, as our December Lights Project.

Every December Lights Project story is sure to have a happy ending. As we reached out to other authors to join our project, we asked for stories that were light-hearted and upbeat, stories that could fill us with warmth no matter how cold the weather. (Or cool us down, for those living in Australia or New Zealand!).

All the stories are free for everybody to enjoy.

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