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the cover art for Only By The Night album by Kings of Leon - two highly stylised birds are confronting each other, one black and one redWelcome to the Silly Season. This (I hope) series will be about silly things that will hopefully make you smile. Currently the weather here is quite silly for December in Australia. Yesterday we made it to 22 degrees, with a thunderstorm, much rain and some hail for something different. Saturday was two thunderstorms and today promises to get to 18 degrees with only the possibility of thunderstorms. I don’t think I’ve ever worn a cardy and a vest at this time of year in Australia before. Usually I’m looking at the sky worrying about bushfires.

Anway, the substance of this post is songs, which while not in themselves silly, have made me get silly images or audio in my head. Most recently while driving, which was fine as I can giggle and drive at the same time. The previous one was at my Mum’s wedding to her current husband in the middle of one of the hymns. It really is a rather lovely hymn but one previously unknown to me and when they got to the “calling in the night bit” I just heard in my head someone saying “hellooo, hellooo?” which made me giggle and then because we were in the middle of a wedding ceremony , try not to giggle which only made it worse. My Nigel (and fellow athesist) was looking at me wondering what the joke was and if I’d let him in on it (which I did, big mistake because then we were both trying not to giggle) and the priest was giving us both death stares. (We were 27 at the time and should have been better behaved).

The one while I was driving was “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon. I love this song and think it is one of the best songs about yearning for someone that I have heard. I’m sure there are many more that I’ve never heard, but for me this is right up there with “Constant Craving” and “Feelin’ Love”.
But this time when it got to the chorus and ‘you-ah your sex is on fire-er’ what I heard in my head was more like a friendly neighbour popping up over the back fence and calling “Yoo hoo, your ah sex is on fire, just thought you should know!” in a bright and cheery loud whisper way. If you know what I mean.

So what songs leave silly images/audio in your head? Or is it just me?

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  1. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the story of Samuel, which is (I assume) what that hymn refers to with the ‘calling in the night’ line, but it’s good for comic effect.
    Scene: young trainee priest, Samuel, lying in bed.
    A VOICE: saaaamuel….
    Samuel: what what what?
    *gets up, goes in to the bedroom of his mentor, Old Priest Whose Name I Forget*
    Samuel: Here I am? What is it?
    Old Priest: uhhh… whut?
    Samuel: You called me?
    Old Priest: … No. I didn’t. Go back to bed.
    [*repeat three times*]
    Then eventually Old Priest realises that GOD is calling Samuel, and informs Samuel of this, and next time Samuel say “here I am” to the MYSTERIOUS VOICE and… stuff happens.

  2. Oh gods. Now I have a mental vision of Dame Edna Everage popping up over the back fence and calling “Yoo hoo, your ah sex is on fire, just thought you should know!”

    My personal favourite misheard lyric leading to Wrong Mental Image is “Cheap wine and a three day goat”. I often follow up the wrongness there with “three day goat curry… Mm, tasty.”

  3. The old priest who is Samuel’s mentor is called Eli. This is brought to you courtesy of a Christian upbringing as the daughter of the minister, and far too much time spent reading bible tales simplified for children as a result. Of course, now I have the Bill Cosby “Noah” routine running through my head… and I can just about hear Samuel saying “riiiight…”.

  4. Talking about silly weather, the snowstorms closing down Heathrow are bringing me some flashbacks from our trip there in 2006, although that year it was freezing fogs rather than actual snow.
    I was very lucky then to have internet access in our hotel so I got the email about our France flight’s definite cancellation promptly and was able to book on the Eurostar and print out tickets online so that we didn’t have to queue to collect them and get through. It looks like it’s even more of a nightmare this time around.
    The UK goes to pot whenever there’s more than a few inches of snow. They really need to sort out their infrastructure now that it’s happening more frequently.

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