Sydney Summery meetup is go: 9th January!

Chally has looked into the future and foreseen:

We’ll meet at the south end of Coogee Beach, under the awning, at 3pm [on Sunday 9th January] (hopefully the worst of the sun will be over). tigtog has made a rather amazing accessibility map of amazement. Thanks very much to her, wow.

All of the Sydney feminist blogosphere is invited: readers, commenters and writers all.

I’ll leave comments open here, but if you’re coming, head over and let Chally know.

Update Jan 3: this post is appearing on the Hoyden front page as a reminder until Jan 9.

Update Jan 8: a wet weather plan is in place.

"Just north of Coogee beach" by Aschaf on Flickr (CC BY)

View of the ocean and headlands around Coogee beach (by Aschaf on Flickr, CC BY)

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  1. BTW, I have, as instructed, been leaving my responses over at Chally’s place. I will indeed be there on the 9th, and looking forward to it.

  2. I’ll also be there (barring baby-care emergencies and such).

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