How many ways can you get it wrong?

SMH headline - 08.02.2011 - "Girl triggered gang attack on beach"

So, let’s count a couple of the ways the SMH got that headline (which is a screencap from the front page this afternoon) wrong, according to its very own words. (Here’s a link to the article.)

Number one: the only people involved in the fight were young men.

In other words, young men triggered the fight.

F*** you, SMH, for your strident and shrill misogyny.

Number two: according to Superintendent Hayes, as quoted in the article, the fight was not gang-related at all.

Two main “facts” in the headline. Two main “facts” completely and utterly wrong.

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  1. I just had a great idea – wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a filter site that you could run articles like this through and then come out with the truthified version on the other side? That way we could clap our hand over our eyes, copy, paste and then read to our heart’s content…

  2. They’ve changed the subbing now…

  3. ”This is simply an altercation between young boys over the age-old question of females … boys being boys being stupid,” she said.

    Wow, misogyny, heterosexism and ableism all in one sentence! Not to mention “boys will be boys” as a means to excuse 12 men who attacked 2 men -_-;

  4. Deborah: The screencap is from the SMH front page – a headline there is often different from the headline on an article, and I should have noted when I wrote the post that the headline on the article was different.
    The article is no longer shown on the front page, but it is in today’s NSW News listing, with the headline (on that listing): “Cronulla bashing over girl, police say”.
    [Which may seem fair to a casual reader, to the extent that they no longer mention gangs in the headline and it *is* the police officer (as PK has noted) who is blaming the thing on a girl (grrrr). But still: f*** you SMH. It may be what the misogynist police officer (who yes, happens to be a woman but women can be misogynist) says, but *you* don’t have to say it!]
    PK: yeah, horrendous, isn’t it? I didn’t have time to deal with the fuckery in the police officer’s words, so I focused on the fuckery in the SMH’s headline, but the body of the article made me incredibly angry as well.
    Soyshake: to be perfectly honest, I’d rather they either didn’t report this sort of thing OR if they did, just as a sentence or two – say, “Some young men had a fight at Cronulla today.”

  5. Guys fight over girl = girl triggers fight. Patriarchal logic.

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