Bring on the #giantrobotsofjustice

I just adore Feministe’s Jill even more when she brings out the absurdist hyperbole spanner from her sarcasm kit: why it’s different when women cheat (hint: because Feelings).

When will #lookwhatIjustpulledoutofmyarse pop psychology die its #welldeservedfierydoomfromthesky death (at the claws of #giantrobotsofjustice)?

Random Friday Pursuits: I plan to use those three hashtags above as much as I can today, since absurdist hyperbole sometimes really is the only appropriate response to the sheer volume of arsehattery going around.

A columnist at WorldNetDaily is playing the #lookwhatIjustpulledoutofmyarse card hard today with this allegedly forged photo of  the young Barack Obama with his maternal grandparents

As for the Rethuglicans’ smug attack on the EPA and women’s rights in their attempt to shut down the US government right now – #welldeservedfierydoomfromthesky, where the fuck are you (and take the gutless Dems too, please)?

Lest we Aussies get too smug about our relatively low arsehattery quotient, the youths who bashed a kid because he got “too much” media attention when his mum and brother died in the Queensland floods need a visit from the #giantrobotsofjustice, stat.

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  1. *sigh*
    [eta: from Jill’s post]

    men can more easily compartmentalize sex and emotion, while women typically need to experience an emotional connection to a person before feeling sexual desire

    Sorry Colin [Firth] much as I’d love to have an emotional connection to you, it really is just all about the lust. Do you have that shirt and a pond handy?
    [eta, again]
    From the comments thread:

    this makes perfect sense from the perspective of evolutionary biology.

    Uh huh. Thanks for mansplaining that.

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