Have you been talking like a pirate today?

To err is human; to arrrrr is pirate: it’s not too late to get a few arrrrrs in before midnight!

Here’s a slideshow of pirate types (edit: apparently Picasa REQUIRES a logged in Google profile to view stuff now – so here’s a link to the slideshow on Flickr):


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  1. I noticed there was quite a lot of talking like a pirate going on in #QT tweets yesterday.

  2. Are me hearties going ahead with the suggested meet-up this Sunday?

  3. The embedded slideshow isn’t showing up for me. Do you have a link?

  4. Ah, now I know why I can’t see it! You have to have a Google Profile.

  5. Seriously? They’ve blocked picasa images from those who don’t have a Google profile now?
    I didn’t know. I’ll put those images up somewhere else then.

  6. Thanks, Tigtog! Yeah, I could create a profile and fill it with lies (since I don’t expect them to make things public without warning the way Faceborg did, but I don’t trust them to explain the settings accessibly either), but I don’t want to risk losing my Gmail. It’s accumulated a lot of things I might want to find again, since I created it as a throwaway account to join Dreamwidth with! *should clear old stuff out of my various inboxes sometime*

  7. d’oh! I hadn’t seen your comment at 9, and that link doesn’t work either. It says “Oh No! We couldn’t find anything.” *feels silly posting so many comments about a fun item*

  8. hm – I’m over the 200 pic limit for a free account, but it’s supposed to still display the latest ones and only hide the oldest ones from view. Annoying.

  9. p.s. please don’t feel silly – FUN IS SRS BIZNESS

  10. p.p.s. deleted three old items to get under 200 pics – try again?

  11. I’ve enjoyed people talking like other kinds of pirate.
    There’s copyright activism in a closed account:

    I’m going to rip this movie so I can add closed-captions for someone with an auditory disability!!! #talklikeapirateday

    And political commentary:

    We regret that your claim has been denied due to your having reached the limit of your allowable coverage for this procedure. If you wish to appeal this claim, you may do so by way of calling our automated helpline at 1-800-555-1212. For your convenience, this line will be open from 12:15-12:35 PM every Tuesday and Wednesday…

  12. It works! Thanks, Tigtog! Arrrr, Maureen O’Hara.

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