2857 days of not waking up with intrascapular pain

This post is part of our Summer Slowdown repost series, and was originally published in April 2007 as 1142 days of not waking up with intrascapular pain – the adjusted number of days was calculated using timeanddate.com’s Countdown Timer

Just over 3 years agoIn March 2004 I had breast reduction mammoplasty surgery.

At the time I clunkily coded my own webpage detailing the events pre and post op. (some of my invisible listserv friends said “you should blog this” and I said “what is blog” silly me). That webpage is long gone, but I’ve shifted it to another archive.

Anyway, here’s the gory story.

Anyone considering such surgery themselves, please feel free to ask me any questions.

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  1. Purely out of curiosity – and feel free not to answer this if it is too personal – how do you decide how much to reduce. Is there a limit i.e. no more than 2 cup sizes, or personal preference?

    • It’s part of what the consultation with the surgeon will go into – what the client’s wish-list is versus what is possible surgically. When one wants to preserve duct tissue and nipple sensation, there is a definite limit as to how much tissue can be removed.

  2. I had a breast reduction earlier this year and the difference it has made to my posture and neck and upper back pain is immeasurable. Because of the medication I have to take I may have to have it repeated in ten years or so and I won’t hesitate.

    • Congratulations Nell – I know the feeling! I too wouldn’t hesitate to have it done again if my cup size increased again to the point of causing chronic pain. That this surgery exists for us is absolutely a boon.

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