Call for Guest Reviews: 2012 Australian Women Writers Challenge

Logo of a silhouette of a steampunkily-dressed woman in a hat carrying an umbrella. In white text on the silhouette is '2012 Australian Women Writers Challenge'.As you may have noticed, we have been having rather a lot of fun with the Australian Women Writers Challenge.

If you’re having fun with the Challenge also and you’d like to join the AWWC Hoydens, or if you’d like to join in but are looking for somewhere to post your reviews – why not guest post your reviews here?

Reviews can be short or long, positive or constructively and informatively negative, text or audio or video. The offer stands all year.

Our general guest posting guidelines are here. If you’d like to join in, either drop me a link to your review stating that you’d like to cross post it on Hoyden, or email your review to lauredhelhoyden at that gmail place. If you’re emailing your full review, simple HTML in an attached .txt file is preferred, but I can work with plain text if necessary (no .doc files or Word-translated HTML please!).

Please include a brief introductory bio – one to three sentences, serious or flippant, whatever you like – and a URL of your home blog if you have one.

As usual, editorial privilege applies: we reserve the right to decline your guest post. Editing at our end is usually minimal, but if you would prefer absolutely no editing, please let us know. Please also ensure that your post is free of discriminatory language, and is accessible. For example, you should provide descriptive alt tags for any images, and if there is audio or video material, you need to include a full transcript.

Come join us!

Signup page for the Challenge

The Goodreads group for the Challenge

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  1. I have one coming your way soon!


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