Video for #IWD – Equal Pay Facts

Sam and Steve are equally qualified, talented and hardworking. But by the time they’re 50, Steve will have earned twice as much as Sam over his life. –

Sorry, haven’t located a transcript and don’t have the spoons right now myself, but the website lays out the arguments pretty clearly.

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  1. For people who can’t see the still from the video, the point is that Sam is a woman and Steve is a man. (She’s introduced as “Samantha” but only in the audio, not in the text.) I had to click through from my feed reader to find this out!
    I am not sure why the producers elected to have a man with a male gendered name contrasted with a woman with a gender ambiguous name, it seems like an odd choice when contrasting what are intended to be archetypes of pay disparity.

  2. Maybe they expected the reader to initially assume Sam was another man, wonder about the pay difference, and follow the feed until realising she was a woman. Hopefully coming away with an increased awareness of the illogic of the disparity.
    But I’m not confident that would work, or rather that it would work more times than the people who feel misled and come away with a decreased getting of the point.

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