Political Meme of the week: Abbott “explains” things – they just are

ABBOTT: ‘blah blah Gillard govt schoolkid bonus bad blah blah’
REPORTER: ‘How is this different from the Howard govt baby bonus?’
ABBOTT: ‘Well look, they just are.’

Let the hashtag begin:

Tony Abbott MHR in parliament, hunched forward with his head in his hands

Why are pirates, pirates? #theyjustare

Close up of Tony Abbott MHR face with text overlay

Where do babies come from? They just are.

Head and shoulders shot of Tony Abbott MHR in a suit, looking up to the camera overhead

Why do you think Clive's dimples are cuter than Gina's? They Just Are | Picture: Twitter / @rupertmichael

Any captions you’d like to add?

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6 replies

  1. This post is awesomeness. Once again Tony Abbott has no idea what the hell he’s on about – as long as he’s insulting something the government said.

  2. Fucking magnets?

    They just are.

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