Quick Hit: FU Fit n Fast

The radio ad says “Do you feel fit [pause] or fat?”

I don’t feel fat, I am fat. I am also fucking awesome.

Also: Unfat =/= fit; fat =/= unfit

If I was fit (to whatever standard of can do x,y,z) I would still be fat. I’d just be a fitter fatty. I would still be fucking awesome.

I think the word they are looking for is ‘unfit’. Maybe they should try that.

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  1. But… but… If we use “unfit,” we won’t be able to use the scary “fat” word! 😛

  2. Yes, if we don’t make you doubt yourself or dislike your body our entire business model fails. Don’t get me started on this ‘Lose 10 000 tonnes for Australia’ crap. Sponsored by a weight loss company. How surprising.

  3. I don’t feel particularly fit. It’s got nothing to do with being fat, it’s because of muscle damage from having legs half an inch different in length.
    I don’t feel fat. Sure, I’m fatter than I was ten years ago. But most of my literal view of myself is looking down, not looking in a mirror, and I don’t look fat from up here. 😉

  4. Oh, and when I first glanced at that pic of the purple shoes, I thought it was an extravagantly shaped butcher-boy cap. Running shoes? I am disappoint.

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