Friday Hoyden: Kathy Sierra

Kathy Sierra has the dubious honour of being known for being among the first women to have her life torn into little pieces by an online hate campaign designed to silence her.

I was following her as @seriouspony on Twitter without realising it was her. She has now left Twitter, for the time being.

When she found that one of her key abusers is being resurrected as a tech and free speech hero, even by people who have all the facts to hand of his vicious behaviour, she wrote an article detailing not only what had happened to her, but analysing the way people get drawn into the narrative being spun by abusers. She notes that it may not be left up for long. We should all read it while it’s there. Here it is:

Trouble at the Koolaid point

This woman has shown amazing strength and continued compassion and dignity, under horrific pressure. I figure she doesn’t need any additional pictures of herself on the net, but that extra ponies might make her happy, so I’m illustrating with those.

Brown and white ponies on windswept hill, ocean behind.

On the Shetland Islands


Brown ponies in snow.

On Exmoor

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Orlando – I was trying to work out how to approach it. Apparently she plans to take that post down after it’s been up for a few weeks, but she’s happy with others reposting it elsewhere and keeping it up. Here’s a repost on Wired.
    Also, thanks for the ponies.

  2. Ugh I need to shower now. What an amazing lady to come back from that. I hope she likes the pony pictures.

  3. Seconded, Mindy.

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