Media Circus: Tracking Abbott’s Wreckage edition

Link of the day: as of 29 June 2015, 457 seperate referenced items of Abbott’s Wreckage

Tony Abbott has been in power since 7 September 2013. From that moment, he and his government have broken promises and hurt Australians. This post will be regularly updated to keep track of the Abbott Government’s broken promises and everything his Government does to hurt Australians. Each separate item will have a link to a source. Broken promises appear in bold and in a separate fully referenced list at the end.

The count of broken promises alone stands at 40 s0 far.

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What media story has caught your attention lately?

As usual for media circus threads, please share your bouquets and brickbats for particular items in the mass media, or highlight cogent analysis elsewhere, on any current sociopolitical issue (the theme of each edition is merely for discussion-starter purposes – all current news items are on topic!).

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  1. Ryan Essex, Time to tell the truth before I’m gagged: Australia’s detention centres ruin lives:

    … the secrecy provision in the Border Force Act, a disturbing piece of legislation which is about to become law and is likely to have far-reaching consequences.

    Under this legislation it is a criminal offence, punishable by up to two years’ imprisonment, for anyone who works in, or has previously worked in immigration detention to “make a record of or disclose” information regarding their employment. There are a number of things that need to be said before this somewhat modest piece of dissent could put me in front of a judge.

  2. I see a lot of false comparisons of current Greece with Weimar Germany in left-leaning sources. The Weimar Republic had its debts forgiven (Dawes Plan, Young Plan), and was lent further millions. What killed Weimar was the Wall St Crash, which cut off the flow of money, and not “austerity”. A lot of people on both left and the right change the facts of history to fit their views. It makes this historian weep.

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