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Lauredhel is an Australian woman and mother with a disability. She blogs about disability and accessibility, social and reproductive justice, gender, freedom from violence, the uses and misuses of language, medical science, otters, gardening, and cooking.

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  1. Depresso
    Depresso at |

    The best thing I saw in the mountains of pink ‘girlie’ breast cancer stuff? A Vileda super mop, with a pink handle. Because there’s more to femininity than lip gloss and fitted t-shorts, obviously.

    You know, instead of buying a shagging mop (and quite frankly, I prefer the other type that is, and I quote from the packaging “25% faster” – faster than what they don’t say.) for £5.99 and 50p of that going to breast cancer research, I think I’ll just donate the £6 to charity directly. Or split it; £3 for breast cancer and £3 for cervical cancer.

    I really, really hate, with a passion that has bile wearing away the enamal on the back of my molars, all these companies that are churning out pink versions of their products and making crappy little donations to charity. ghd, of the ceramic stylers fame had an RRP of £25 more than the standard version for their charity edition. The donation was £10 or £15. I’ll leave my hair au naturel, ta.

  2. Ness
    Ness at |

    Yes, I can see how encouraging breast-ogling is going to raise awareness of breast cancer… not.

    Agreed with Depresso about the sickening pink versions of everything that donate certain percentages to research or whatever. Seriously, why would I want to buy a pink toolset/cleaning product/steering wheel cover or whatever for a ridiculously inflated price just because some of it goes towards a good cause? I’ll buy a normal non-sickening and non-over advertised version of the item for much less and donate directly thanks!

  3. QoT
    QoT at |

    Way to downplay the actual, you know, seriousness of breast cancer, wanktards. It ain’t cool when it’s a moronic 14-year-old leering, “I’ll give you a breast exam”, and it’s much less so when supposed grown-ups do it.

  4. hexy
    hexy at |

    But… we already have t-shirts that men insist are valid reasons to stare at our breasts.

    They’re called “T-shirts worn over breasts”.

  5. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    When’s prostate cancer awareness week? I can’t wait.

  6. Zoe
    Zoe at |

    I can see the range of mid brown products in my mind’s eye, Amanda – brown gardening gloves, brown power tools and brown razors. I can’t wait either. In fact, why don’t we just declare one and all put a nice browned up product on our blogs?

  7. QoT
    QoT at |

    Actually, Amanda, NZ is having some kind of prostate-cancer-awareness day/week/shindig soon. Their ads feature various well-known guys getting blue face paint applied (rest of the ad is black&white). I keep thinking it doesn’t work because I instantly associate blue face paint with a particular rugby team.

  8. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    I was just thinking of crotch ogling opportunities in the lifts — you’re too sophisticated for me, Zoe. ‘Cept the bits of his I want to perv at are sadly more hidden than the bits of mine he wants to perv at so I think there is nothing for it but “Come to Work in Budgie Smugglers Day.”

  9. Laura
    Laura at |

    The woman in the drawing reminds me of Julie Bishop.

  10. Deus Ex Macintosh
    Deus Ex Macintosh at |

    I’m considering a new handle for use on the Hoydens, WakeMeWhenWe’reLiberated…

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