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  1. Zebee
    Zebee at |

    Is there a central list of such cards? I’m involved elsewhere in a discussion about/with a man in his 40s who is currently seeing a 20yo woman who is giving out very mixed signals.

    Another man who I think is late 30s early 40s came up with things like “if she brings alcohol she wants you to get her drunk and have sex” but the real beauty was when Man A said she explicitly said no removal of bra Man B said she obviously didn’t mean it and he should remove it anyway…

    He got jumped on for this by a number of other guys. He then said “oh but of course no means no” then talked about how his interpretation of body language was obviously more in tune with her “real wishes” than her spoken word so should be taken as the “real” consent.

    And I felt sure there had to be a bingo card for this kind of thing, but have had no luck finding it.

    (I note that after the Bra Post but before the Body Language one, Man A said he’d taken the other people’s advice and got her talking about sex and her expectations. And, as you and I and everyone but Man B would expect, communication worked. She was able to work out her own fears and expectations and set sensible boundaries and Man A knows where he is now. )

  2. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    We’ve linked to a few in our blogroll – scroll down to the Play Bingo! section.

    Wow, and not in a good way, on the discussion you’re having. Midnight Louise had a Sexual Assault Bingo, which no longer seems to be available on photobucket, but I haven’t see an actual Rape Culture Bingo yet.

  3. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    P.S. Liz Henry has posted a version of Sexual Assault Bingo on Flickr.

  4. Zebee
    Zebee at |

    the Sexual Assault Bingo card via your blogroll came up for me.

    Thanks for that, none of them quite fit although the Drunk one is pertinent to another part of the conversation.

    Maybe its time to make a date rape one? Some of the Sexual Assault ones would seem to apply, but there must be more.

  5. Jason
    Jason at |

    This has inspired me to make an “internet bingo bingo.” I’ll let you know when it’s done.

    It was amazing how quickly I filled 25 squares.

  6. Jason
    Jason at |

    Presenting: Internet Bingo BINGO! Almost all feedback welcome…

  7. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    “asks for the internet to be read out loud to disprove each square”


  8. Kathmandu
    Kathmandu at |

    Point of order: I thought the rules of Bingo were that you get to cry “BINGO!” when you have a whole row (or column, or diagonal row) filled in?

  9. tigtog
    tigtog at |

    Kathmandu, this is true of the rules of internet bingo indeed.

    I always find it a bit confusing to remember that, because when I have played actual bingo it’s always been getting every number on the particular card.

  10. Mary
    Mary at | *

    I hope a bingo-related thread hijack is OK. I’m trying to do a bingo card about defences of sexist jokes as awesome things and I need more squares. So I don’t mean so much “yeah, bad joke, but freedom of speech is awesome” or “yeah, bad joke, but I’m fighting back against the PC police taking over” and more “we need more jokes like that one! yeah! that joke was great!”

    So far I have:

    It’s a compliment. He was flirting with you!
    I thought it was funny.
    It’s funny with close friends.
    People are too uptight about sex.
    My girlfriend thought it was funny.
    You don’t understand my culture.
    That’s just his sense of humour.
    That wasn’t even sexual.
    I originally heard that joke from a woman.
    It got everyone’s attention, didn’t it?

  11. Mindy
    Mindy at |

    Political correctness is so unnecessary.

    The original – Can’t you take a joke.

    Feminists have no sense of humour.

    I’m not offended and I’m a (whatever)

  12. Jason
    Jason at |

    “You’d laugh if it was the other way around.” (or “…directed at men”)

  13. Mary
    Mary at | *

    Good stuff, keep ‘em coming!

  14. Mary
    Mary at | *

    Woot, I’m up to 25 squares. Jason, did you use a good tool to produce your card, or did you do it the hard way? (Where “the hard way” is the GIMP or Photoshop or Inkscape etc.)

  15. Jason
    Jason at |

    I did it manually with Inkscape, but if you give me an hour I’ll amend my blog post with the SVG file I used.

  16. Jason
    Jason at |
  17. Mary
    Mary at | *

    Thanks Jason, I ended up just busting out the Inkscape myself.

  18. Rachel
    Rachel at |

    Zebee, I have a massive list of bingo cards here.

  19. Zebee
    Zebee at |

    Thanks for that Rachel. The Rape Apologist one is the closest.

    Man B dug himself a hole damn near to China and appears to be still digging… I can’t tell if he’s just being reflexively defensive or he really can’t see why people are disapproving.

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