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Mary is a Sydneysider, a mother, a feminist activist for women in tech, and an erstwhile computer scientist. She co-founded a women-in-tech non-profit, the Ada Initiative, where she presently works. Mary also writes for Geek Feminism, and, when there's no other suitable venue, for her own blog

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10 responses to “The 44th Down Under Feminists Carnival”

  1. Chally

    Thanks so much for putting this together, Mary, especially with the extraordinarily busy time you’ve been having.

  2. Pen

    Great carnival, Mary! Thanks for putting it together! :)

  3. blue milk

    Thanks for including me. I loved finding some new posts here I’d missed. And I loved seeing some included, too, that I’ve loved.

  4. Lauredhel

    Brilliant carnival, thanks! I really like the idea of highlighting the new(er) voices.

  5. Deborah

    Great carnival, Mary. One of the bonuses of it appearing a little later than usual is that it prompted me to re-read many of the posts, and refresh my thinking about them.

  6. Tallulah

    Great carnival, thank you!

  7. Aqua, of the Questioners

    The only problem with this carnival is where do I find the time to read all these great contributions? Thanks, Mary!

  8. Julie Fairey

    Fantastic work, thanks Mary :-)

  9. Annanonymous

    Many thanks, both for the carnival and for including me!

  10. ALRANZ

    Great carnival, and thanks for including the post from our blog.

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