Beaconsfield Rollercoaster

Todd Russell (L) and Brant Webb walk from the mine lift after being rescued.
Ian Waldie/Getty Images from Melbourne Herald Sun

Beaconsfield woke at 5am to the pealing of a church bell that had not been rung for decades to let them know the two miners had been freed. They gathered at the gates of the mine waiting to see their neighbours walk out an hour later, and cheered them like mad.

This morning Beaconsfield is smiling. This afternoon Beaconsfield will have time for more sombre reflection, with the funeral in Launceston of Larry Knight, the miner who didn’t make it out alive. Russell and Webb want to be there if they are medically cleared, and the ceremony will be a chance for the town to finally let out all the emotions of the last two weeks.

What a day.

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