Gratuitous Roger Federer blogging

Photo by Annie Leibovitz, taken in Dubai, for Mens Vogue.

This seems as good a time as any to mention the wonderful blog Romancing the Tome, the blog which loves a good literary adaptation. Assuming that the charming Federer might also have an acting bone in his talented body, in which literary adaptation would you love to see him as a major character?

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  1. Pride and Prejudice.
    He’d make an excellent Darcy.

  2. He has one of those faces that belie his (outward) personality so maybe he can play a genial detective who is a covert sensualist with a short temper? Not sure which literary figure this would be; Sherlock Holmes? I adored Richard Roxburgh’s Holmes. Best by a mile for mine.

  3. He could make an interesting Rochester, although I think Toby Stephens (Dame Maggie Smith’s little boy) in the most recent Jane Eyre adaptation (yay, next Sunday on Auntie!) is almost perfect casting for that part.
    Federer has exactly the right looks for Heathcliff, while we’re in Bronte territory.
    He also has a fine Gascon look for D’Artagnan, he’d also make a good Athos (a bit too rugged for Aramis).
    (Totally agree on Roxburgh’s Holmes)

  4. D’Artagnan- Yes! Good thinking. It’s good to see Auntie is reinstating costume drama sundays, I was beginning to pine.

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