Nassssty sysssssstem, we hatesssss it we does

Why on earth would a telco have an online registration system for prepaid SIM cards which doesn’t accept street numbers with letters (eg 29B) or hyphenated surnames?

And why on earth would a telco with such a bizarre system then advertise on their phone help service “did you know it’s even easier to register your phone online”?


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  1. because it’s not about customer service, dear, it’s about the share price.

  2. I don’t understand why we’d want to register anyway. The point of pre-pay is so that the bloody marketeers don’t know who I am. Oh, and so I can give the card to my second cousin for when he wants to commit a despicable act of terrorism.
    Which reminds me; I found a LG phone with a 3E simcard in the garden earlier today. No battery, but perhaps some budding terruhist would like the card? I can be just as reckless with it as you like.

  3. I can’t remember which institution it was, but a few years ago a bloke kicked up when he couldn’t enrol his child with his properly spelled name (which had an accent). Whoever it was insisted they could have the name without the accent so there was no problem. The father pointed out that the word without the accent meant something else all together, and that disallowing accents etc was just Anglo-centric discrimination. I doubt it changed anything though. Sometimes the world of computer databases makes it harder (when it shouldn’t) to acknowledge the variety of human existence.

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