Wednesday Wow: The Wild!

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The Wild!, originally uploaded by judo_dad1953.

Another photo from the Wow! image pool on Flickr.

Such a wild flower. (view large!)

Hopefully, once I’ve sussed out all the whizbangery on my new D40X, I might be able to take pictures half as gorgeous as this.

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  1. I should think you will! ‘Tis a very nice camera indeed. Here are some recent shots from my friend buntyfs who bought one for her birthday in June.
    Sounds we need another field trip???

  2. I reckon so. I will have to study the Manual for a while. (And they didn’t have the second lens in stock, so I have to wait until next week to get that.)
    So, how was your day?

  3. Is the second lens the long zoom VR? If so, lucky lucky you! Very handy to have in low light. (Turns pale, but attractive, shade of green.)
    I’ve been coaching buntyfs (I will introduce you to her one day) so have had my hands on the D40X a few times – different to the D80 in a number of ways, but familiar enough.
    Good girl: reading the manual is mandatory. Charge your battery and try everything at least once, then go back to full Auto for a while until you feel really comfortable before you start experimenting with camera settings.
    Nice day here catching up on housework after the builders (aka “man with beard” and his apprentices) left yesterday. Now have nice new LEAKPROOF roof over the rear of the house. Woohoo! A very happy birthday indeed.
    My “official” birthday outing is on Saturday evening to see Brooke Fraser at the Enmore Theatre, but last night’s sky show was a pretty cool way to celebrate the passing of another year. I am amazed at the response to my eclipse photos, given the number of tripods that must have been set up all along the coast. I guess research, good kit and patience paid off.

  4. Yep, that’s the one – 70-300mm. Looking forward to figuring it all out.
    Brooke Fraser looks interesting, will have to check her out.
    ETA: new roof sounds very handy.

  5. P.S. the thing I specially liked about your eclipse photos was that you took the fact that we were in the Southern hemisphere into account, unlike the photos copying NASA photos from the Northern hemisphere. It was good to see your moon moving in the direction I remembered seeing it move.

  6. Howzit, Aussies?
    This is Suez from SAfrica, calling across the Southern Ocean.Referred here by The Chicken.I think it was Anna Phor who referenced the Bingo and then I started browsing. So nice to have a non-American blog to visit.
    Keep on keeping on.

  7. You know me tigtog, tell it like it is. I had seen the NASA compilation photos and wanted to try something like that, but it never occurred to me to pull something together that was laid out in the same order. I was trying to record what it looked like to me, but of course had to compress everything so as to fit it into one frame. One of the comments that keeps coming up in my Flickr groups, apart from how difficult a gig it was to shoot well at totality, is amazement at how fast the moon moves relative to the earth. Particularly when you are looking at it through a 300mm lens. No way could you fit 12 moons in one frame.
    I’m really glad you like the final product. I kinda do too.
    Now, read that manual. Collect that lens. We’ve got photos to take!

  8. Welcome to Hoydenistan, Suezboo!

    Must get back to reading manual.

  9. Wow, that’s an amazing photo. At first I thought it was a shot of a school of fish circling (like they do when attacked by predators). I guess I’ve been watching too much David Attenborough.
    I love taking pictures, but generally stick to disposable cameras or my instamatic. Congrats on your new toy, and I hope to see some of your work!

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