You know that you’re Australian when

You know that you're Australian when

…you’re so excited by raindrops running down your car windows that you take a photo.

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  1. Well, I’m not Australian, but I get the same exact feeling when it rains since I live in the Arizona desert. Another similarity between Australia and Arizona? Australia is number one per capita for skin cancer and Arizona is number two. Down with the sun, we want more rain!!!

  2. Kindred spirits, obviously.
    It’s actually been raining all week, but I was sitting in the car listening to the end of a political interview on the radio before going inside, and I suddenly started paying attention to the rain on the windows. Probably because I was stationary instead of driving and needing to switch on the wipers. I had the camera there, so while I listened to some spin doctors analysing the media messages of this week’s election campaigning, I took photos.

  3. All I can say is,if this is what you guys call a drought then I don’t want to see what you call ‘wet’.

  4. Its a very cool photo. Also looks like condensation on a beer bottle, which is also very Australian.
    Having moved from Australia to Arizona this year, I did not know that about AZ being number 2 for sun cancer.
    Just last week I was telling someone that Australia was No. 1…no pride in my voice at all.
    I’m more worried about the snow thats a’coming and driving in it.

  5. The Hoyden Rorschach test: I also thought it was a beer bottle, at first glance.

  6. I thought it was that tassie beer ad. A week of glorious precipitation and even a bit of coolth, when a week earlier was already at bushfire temperatures.

  7. Yeah, when I first pulled up the post I assumed it was a cold frosty, too! Very Australian images, both of them! And yes, lovely photo.

  8. Boozy bunch 🙂
    The green is from my shrubbery rather than from the glass, but I do see the resemblance as well.

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