Quiet time, and open thread

Both tigtog and I are going to be spending a lot of family time in the next week or so. This means light posting, as we’ve mentioned, but it also means we’ll only be checking the autospamulatron intermittently.

If your post is stuck in moderation, please don’t think we’re holding a naughty schoolgirl grudge against you. The AST works automatically, and sometimes it makes some strange decisions. We’re likely to get to it eventually. If it has been over 48 hours and you think a post is still stuck in the AST, do please drop us a line.

Meanwhile, do please feel welcome to use this thread to talk amongst yourselves.

I wish you a peaceful and safe end to December, and a joyful New Year.

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  1. Can we please put in an Ernie nomination for this guy:

    Professor Gary Bouma, a Monash University sociologist and commentator on Christmas tradition (he is also an Anglican priest) observes that many of the women now inheriting responsibility for the Christmas meal from their ageing mothers — “and let’s get over it, it is the women” — graduated from high school in the era when home economics was falling off the syllabus. “That’s a whole generation with no idea what to do with a turkey,” he says.

    That’s right, to all you femmobolshos who might think it’s long overdue that the job of cooking Christmas lunch be assigned to both genders: GET OVER IT.
    There’s another quote from him furthr down in the article, to be fair, which is less clueless, so he may have been quoted out of context. But it sounds a bit like “oops, I said what I really think back there.”
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