Kiwiland convulses


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It must be a relief to Gisborne residents that this Christmas they’re cleaning up mess, not counting their dead. In the Richter 6.8 quake that hit, not one single traumatic death or major injury has been reported. One elderly woman died of a heart attack shortly after the quake hit. Otherwise, the town is on cleanup and rebuilding duty only.

The library’s a bit of a mess:


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As is the railway:


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Shopfronts fell down:


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And some of the houses will need to be rebuilt:


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An 1872 brick chimney toppled:


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Several eyewitness reports from the thread on Trademe:

Yea it was a huge quake and it shook for ages.Some minor damage to vases and other things but will wait til the morning to see if any cracks etc in the structure of the house.Swimming pool was like a wave pool really scary stuff and we were still shaking ourselves 1 hour later but ok now.Hope there won’t be another after shock


Yes it went on for ages here. All my windchimes were “tinkling ” outside, chadeliers in house didnt stop swaying for a good 5 mins afterwards!Cos we’re on the hill in a 2 storey place the house swayed so much I nearly puked!Biggest quake Ive felt yet


horrible horrible stuff. Never been so scared in my life. Grabbed the 1.5 year old out of bed, the house was like sailing in a ship in rough seas. Huge trees around the house were screaming and swaying and you could here the loud slosh slosh slosh of the water tanks around us. We were out on the road for the end of it and the road was just swaying around, thought I was going to be sick. Very unsettling. Some damage to the house, split weather boards, porch roof has sunk down.


That was HUGE guys … our house is on a hill and it felt like being on a bucking horse. Surprisingly little damage in our house, few potplants and bottle of wine smashed but the neigbours on the flat ground around us,there places were trashed.Everything off shelves. Heard a bang this afternoon and the heart started racing thinking another one was on its way. phee-eeew

More reports from Gisborne residents can be found here at the Herald.

What the New Zillanders seem to be really worried about the next day, however, is their wine. From the Gisborne Herald:

Pernod Ricard New Zealand’s three wineries in Gisborne (formerly Montana Wines) spilled large amounts of wine last night due to damage from the earthquake.It is understood at least six large tanks of chardonnay ruptured and staff were unable to halt the flow of wine.

A couple of Gisborne bottle-os survey the damage:


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[image source] reports that there hasn’t been much in the way of looting, though this incident was reported:

Smiths City manager Carol McCartin said staff stood guard at the store because the power was cut and the front window smashed.

“We had some jokers pull up and yell, ‘Ha ha, we’re gonna pinch your stuff’, then drive off.”

Gotta love the Kiwis, eh?

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  1. Haha. Okay, so people’s homes and businesses being destroyed is definitely NOT funny. But the library kind of is.
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