Another for the “beware delegating authority to thugs who like uniforms” file

A baby from Samoa who had been approved entry to the USA for heart surgery in Honolulu dies after being detained in the airport without an oxygen mask due to questions over his mother’s visa (the accompanying nurse and the baby were both US citizens, so there was no reason to detain them with the mother).

Petty authoritarianism needs to be restrained, not encouraged by LCD-pandering rhetoric about the evil illegal immigrants.

ADDIT: Strong contrast to the this story – I have too much power: Immigration Minister

Senator Evans has told a Parliamentary Committee there was a substantial increase in ministerial powers under the previous federal government and has commissioned a report into how that could be changed.

He says powers once used rarely in immigration matters have become the norm.

“I have formed the view that I have too much power, in terms of the power given to the minister to make decisions about individual cases,” he said.

“I’m uncomfortable with that, not just because of concern about playing God, but also because of the lack of transparency and accountability for those decisions.”

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