Passing it on: Red Shield Day volunteers needed in South Sydney

Got an email from my MP:

The Salvation Army has approached me to help recruit volunteers in South Sydney to participate in the Red Shield appeal on 24-25 May.

In particular we need people in Rosebery, Redfern/Waterloo, and Erskineville.

I realise we are all stretched for time but I am emailing you because you may have the ability to tap into a network of people in the community, or a few spare hours to give. If you don’t believe you can, please feel free to ignore this email. But if you can, by participating yourself or by helping to recruit other volunteers through your networks, please consider doing so.

We all know that our community is most healthy when its most vulnerable members are valued and supported – and that this is a community effort, not something that belongs just to Governments or churches or charities. If you can assist or give a few hours on the day, it would be a small contribution to a bigger cause and a better community.

The email didn’t include any contact information for people wishing to volunteer, but I found it online. Volunteer or Donate here.

As regular readers know, I’m not religious and generally impatient with evangelistic outreach. I do however have a soft spot for the Salvos, who do provide truly excellent services to help the needy and forlorn. If you can do something to support their fundraising, please do.

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