“Save Second Base!”: The Reaction responds

The Reaction: ” Fighting against breast cancer… and also against breast cancer campaigns”

LindaBeth lays bare the sexist framework of some breast cancer awareness campaigns:

“We men” love “boobies,” so we’ll work real hard so you don’t have to have them surgically removed. And we women should be “responsible” and look after them because the dudez love ’em. And we all know women should do things about their body because it’s what men love. Not because, well, women might die!

LindaBeth finds a few shirts and logos in this theme: “Save the Boobies”, “Hope for Hooters!”, “i love BOOBS”. What is new to me is the entire genre of shirts in a “Save Second Base!” theme: women’s bodies as sporting field and point-scoring sexual conquest zone.



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  1. Must *every* thing be sexualised to have any merit at all these days?

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