Reader question: your pipe dream in print?

Khukuri at “Do you have anything in an aquarium?” discovered this book in a university library:


[“Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition: English Sea Rovers in the Seventeeth-Century Caribbean”, B.R. Burg.]

Given a fantasy world with unlimited resources and knowledge, and as many researchers and ghostwriters as you like, what book would you write?

(And while you’re at khukuri’s, check out the archive of snake photos and stories, some of which include sentences like, “This week I discovered that eight snakes, no matter how well bagged, do not fit on the average human lap”. Plus, cute puppy.)

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  1. Topics I would love to write about would be:
    commencement of menstruation in primary school aged girls and their experience pertaining to that
    the number of pagans who come from conservative Christian backgrounds/affiliations
    the intersection of fat women and religion
    the notion of body piercing and tattoos as a form of “socially acceptance” self mutilation
    I could go on and on…

  2. The History of Female Troubadors (which, today I cannot spell), with a focus on the queer experience therein.
    Oh, I can talk about this for days and hours and years. Just four more months till Grad School!
    Annas last blog post..We Do Have A Fine History of Pies, though…

  3. “Why doing a poo is slightly pleasurable but doing a wee isn’t particularly (unless you’re busting)” Subtitle: “and other interesting biological things” And it would be by Oliver Sachs or someone.

  4. You’re all awesome. More!

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