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From a google alert I follow a link to a blog written by Malaysian student Akmal Azeman and her post Muslims In Another Word which features questions about wearing hijab asked of an Australian high school student by her fellow students.

I then google on the name of the author of the book Akmal quoted the questions from: that author is Randa Abdel-Fattah, and I find that she is the winner of this year’s Kathleen Mitchell Award for writers under 30, plus various interviews with her, including one at an entirely new-to-me Oz book reviewing website, managed by the State Library of Victoria:

Inside A Dog

is a website for young people about books. Here you can:

* read and write reviews
* meet our online author-in-residence
* win stuff
* preview upcoming titles
* read interviews with authors
* keep up to date with all the latest bookish news
* listen to podcasts and audio Chapter Ones
* talk about books on the forum

It looks like an extremely well designed website with a really good program for keeping kids interested in books. Check it out.

I also found another site, The Blurb, with reviews of books and entertainment, which reviewed Abdel-Fatteh’s Does My Head Look Big in This?

Abdel-Fatteh is also a founding member of an interfaith Palestinian/Jewish women’s friendship group, an activist for Palestinian human rights, a lawyer and an occasional op-ed columnist.

My daughter goes to school with quite a few girls who wear the hijab. Abdel-Fattah’s books look like a good start to having some basic questions about the choice to wear hijab answered without having to be yet another Anglo quizzing her schoolmates.

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  1. Inside a Dog also had an awesomely hilarious contest last summer where kids sent in photoshopped covers to make LOLYA (as in lolcats).

  2. I just bought a copy of Does My Head Look Big in This?. The cover caught my eye because the hijab and then the blurb sounded great.

  3. I’ll be very interested to read your opinion of it, Purrdence.

  4. i liv in india and hav always lukd forward to a buk which would be able to upsurge the feeling of wearing a hijab in was once wen i was walking in a bukfair in my skool adn sumthing stopped me frm taking further stepz and that was randa’s duz my head luk big in dis..the coverpage actually made me give another second to think about picking up dis buk.i hav read da buk and am completly a different person now.i see a wrold thru dofferent eyes.although i have read many oder buks based on sumwhat girl issues but randa’s effort made a difference in ma lyf.shez now an inspiration to me.her succesful and honoured profession,personal lyf and evrything related to her impresses me so much.i wsih i cud meet her in ma lyf..i wish i cud talk to her..i wish i had her email id.well,that’s all a dream..but i wish her best of luck for her future.
    allah hafiz

  5. Thanks for commenting Maryam. It sounds like your response to the book was all that any author could hope for. Good luck with your ambitions.


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