Arsehats of the week

The people posting the image below in discussion forums in response to a new California Supreme Court ruling that laws barring same-sex couples from the institution of marriage are unconstitutional (specifically, that they violated the Californian Constitution’s guarantee of equality).

Freeper response to laws they don't like
Image source: via Pam Spaulding

Oh what a funny bunch of jokers they are. Not.

I once read an SF novel (and I may be somewhat misremembering, paraphrasing and interpolating here) where almost as a tangent there was a reference to the history of a particular community, and the stranger was told that once they were of many tribes who hated each other, but one day some benevolent aliens infected them all with some nanobots which had the following effect: any time that someone started thinking harmful thoughts directed towards any other living thing, the nanobots sent that angry, hateful person to sleep for half an hour. What this had meant was that the only people who could be relied upon to get things done were the peaceful people, who could no longer be bullied or harmed by the hateful people – they just stepped around them and got on with getting things done. Eventually even the hateful people learnt to think in different ways so that they could stay awake and enjoy life. There are times when I would really love for someone to invent such a nanobot.

What else in the news has been getting on people’s nerves lately?

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  1. Good article, tig-tog, and yeah, they’re about as funny as a cry for help or being told you have terminal cancer: if you can ever remember the name of that sci-fi novel, I’d love to hear it as it sounds like a very interesting read.

  2. The bastards who run – no, make that own – Burma.

  3. This seems trivial in comparison to Burmese warlords, but I’m finding various folks in the UK who are having attacks of the vapours over Cherie Booth/Blair mentioning contraceptives in a matter-of-fact fashion in her memoirs rather irritating. The Daily Mail’s got someone describing her as having “betrayed a generation of women” FFS.

  4. The Republicans keep blocking federal laws so the USA will remain divided between bigoted and human rights states
    Ted Kennedy has suffered a stroke – he’s been a U.S. Senator continuously for 46 years – only Robert Byrd (49 years in the Senate) is ahead of him

  5. Tigtog, I’m trying hard but I can’t see how they arrived at mentioning contraception = betraying a generation of women! One for the long bow award perhaps? As a famous Australian asshat said once, “Please explain”!
    Being from Melbourne, what is making me headdesk the most at the moment is Sam Newman and his merry cohort and their demonstration of the continued women-hatin’ culture in AFL footy. The AGE printed quite a good comeback by Caroline Wilson, but when I googled for more info, I saw a lot of nasty comments on various forums coming up.

  6. Helen, it seems to be a lot to do with her insisting that the press not be intrusive while she was Mrs PM being judged to be somehow hyprocritical when viewed against her timing her own release of her memoirs on her own terms, combined with the idea of mentioning the unmentionables somehow despoiling the ideal of womanhood.
    I don’t get it either.

  7. To add to with Phil’s comment on Burma, it just keeps getting worse. The junta’s refusal to let the aid ships standing offshore deliver their food supplies means that thousands of children will starve in the next few days.
    I wish I could believe that the world’s primary military powers would treat the Burmese junta as at least as evil as Saddam Hussein, requiring external overthrow at least as much, but somehow I doubt their will to action in this case.

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