Bambi’s mother found shot dead in forest after threatening to go public about her affair with Obama

Never mind that he wasn’t even born, add her to the many victims on the Obama Death List, which miraculously includes the name of a man who was also apparently part of the Clinton Body Count 10 years earlier. (That comments thread is a mess due to heaps of comments being despaminated after multiple repostings, but there are some amusing nuggets.)

Some of the entries appear to be quite obviously originally intended as ludicrous jokes, but it comes as no surprise that it’s being passed around uncritically by some anti-Obama partisans (although to their credit, most of the big Republican-leaning sites have quickly had it shot down as a hoax and Free Republic even took it down entirely).

The opening:

Good God, David, his body count has almost surpassed that of the Clintons! See
I wish this wasn’t true, but I checked it out on Snopes and they confirmed it. Please send this to as many people as you can, especially those who might be thinking of voting for B. Hussen Obama. We cannot have a man like this in office.

The Obama Death List
The following is a partial list of deaths of persons connected to Barack HUSSEIN Obama during his time inside the United States. Read the list and judge for yourself…

Of course,, who soundly debunked the Clinton Body Count, has not confirmed the Obama Death List – it is not mentioned in the Barack Obama section at all (although I imagine it soon will be). So far there’s an ebulliently incredulous discussion in the snopes forum.

Just another urban legend.

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  1. It still makes me giggle every time someone writes his name “Barack HUSSEIN Obama”. Top-shelf wingnuttery that.

  2. There’s an american horse blog I read with clenched teeth because the writing is beyond gorgeous, equal to Chris Clarke. I’m not kidding. But her politics: well, she remarked in her last post that while Obama is the antichrist, she’s not too keen on McCain. Why? Because he’s not right-wing enough for her!
    So, on the same post there was a hysterical-sounding link to a news item about Obama’s Germany speech (Obama = Hitler, as you know.) “The concert before the speech: why didn’t the media report it?” OMG. What on earth happened that was so dreadful, so damaging to the Obama campaign that the Librul media has … hushed it up?
    Rock music was played.
    And… Reggae music!!!1!1!

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