I’ve just made my twitter feed public. Username lauredhel.

There’s nothing particularly exciting there – I’ll probably mostly be dropping in URLs I’ve encountered that I’d like to share. You’re welcome to join me. If you’re planning a Follow, please drop a note in this thread with your username.

Update: I protected that Twitter feed again a while back. Hoydenizens are welcome to drop me a follow request. Please don’t re-tweet original content from my tweets (though, of course, things like URLs can be shared as usual.) My public feed is at ilauredhel.

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7 replies

  1. hi there,
    long-time reader, first time breaking the silence. my twitter username’s engineheart. 🙂

  2. I have followed! flopearedmule

    Despite starting out thinking it was bizarre and stupid, I have come to be quite fond of Twitter.

  3. I’m mimbles there too, will head on over and follow you now 🙂
    mimbless last blog post..Him

  4. Count me in – @stephendann

  5. Hey. I’m long time lurker heading over to follow you. I’m brokentapedeck over on Twitter.

  6. hey Lauredhel, I’m following – enfox
    Emmas last blog post..I need you Jane Austin.

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