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Crazy Meezer has the “Top 100 Australian Women’s Blogs“. You might find some new reading there.


Why does Eric Stoltz not get the love he deserves with major critically-acclaimed movies? Was Mask his last really big one? I mean, he seems to get work consistently enough, but no more so than any other middle-of-the-road bland actor. I just watched the Grey’s Anatomy double ep with him as guest star, and I luff him. No link, just a random actorcrush.


Paul the Spud at Shakesville discusses the first major capitulation of the Obama government on women’s healthcare, in “What is it With Republicans…”

The US economic stimulus package will no longer include distasteful frivolities like funding for family planning services. Melissa’s comment points out that women workers are invisible in this road to recovery, as also noted in the New York Times: the “real jobs” funded will be primarily in industries like construction and engineering and manufacturing, not in female-dominated jobs like the provision of women’s healthcare.


Kate Joester from Rebel Raising discusses her breastfeeding experience at The F-Word: “Breastfeeding: radical, feminist and good for you

My daughter is four years old today. She stopped breastfeeding about six months ago. My son is nearing two and still happily breastfed. I don’t know how much longer he’ll continue, but I’m bemused by people who ask me if I “want my body back”. After 28 years in a culture where women’s bodies belong to pretty much anyone but them, it was only my children that showed me that my body, even mine, belongs to me to give.


Microsoft Songsmith puts backing tracks onto supplied vocals. Did you always think Billy Idol’s White Wedding should have been bluegrass? Your wish has come true. There are lots more – just explore the “Related Videos”. [H/t to Harry].

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  1. ooer, top 100 australian women blogs, potentially awesome.
    stephanie’s last blog post..walks along the foreshore

  2. Eric Stoltz is starring in the prequel to Battlestar Galactica, called Caprica, that was just greenlit by the SciFi Channel.

  3. Re Billy Idol: I just – whoa.
    Chally’s last blog post..Australia Day 2009

  4. Eric Stoltz is starring in the prequel to Battlestar Galactica, called Caprica


  5. I’d heard of songsmith, and what atrocities it was rending on songs.. but I’d not realized…. **goes to bleach her brain out**

  6. That New York Times article was great, but then it really got on my nerves at the end.
    The overwhelming effort the world has put into “encouraging”* women to become engineers has failed. Of course, women only need encouragement and then they will have equal access into the field. So, oh well, that’s that. Gendered division of labour it is then.

  7. lala: totally. It’s Hirshman, after all, whose feminist focus is telling women they’re doing it wrong, and if only they would get to work that would fix everything. The factual side of the first part of the article seems to be right, however.

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