Obamamedia rant du jour

Holy baby-flavoured doughnuts on a stick, I am so over the mass media.

Everywhere I’ve looked for the past week, there has been some special snowflake shaking his head slowly, tut-tutting, and blathering on about how they’re the only person on the planet to whom it has occurred that Obama isn’t actually the Messiah, Lord and Saviour of us all, come on a glitter-drenched unicorn to spew rainbows from his navel and bring us into a new Golden Age.

Newsflash, dudes: when every single other reporter on every other network is saying the same thing, you’re not the special snowflake you think you are.

And stop fucking re-writing history out of your imagination. We’ve been saying for many many months that the dude isn’t the epitome of progressivism, isn’t a feminist in shining armour, isn’t going to deliver us from evil.

He’s better than the alternative. We knew that.

He’s going to disappoint us. We knew that. And we’re disappointed. But not surprised. No-one who was paying attention is surprised.

Just shut the fuck up about how you’re THE ONLY PERSON WHO NOTICED, and berating us about how you told us so.

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  1. Deffo. It’s really getting tedious, isn’t it?

  2. That is the best rant I’ve read all week. Glitter-drenched unicorns? Hysterical.

  3. It is also true that some people, myself included, are up to their hats of the constant streaming of Obama News, particularly when you consider that he’s not their fricking president and espeically when those people in question are sick of US imperialism.
    Mary Tracy9’s last blog post..The Infamous “Killed By A Terrorist” Line

  4. It’s no better inside the US… I’ll refrain from site linkage but Tennessee (nospace) free (dot) com, one of the local jousting blogs,is full up with right wingnuts yelling about socialism, one of them literally calling me a radical for quoting the Declaration of Independence at him. Awesomes.

  5. Dammit, now I’m craving baby-flavoured donuts on a stick.

  6. Where are you finding all that negative media on Obama?
    Most of the stuff I’m reading is still chocka with starry-eyed optimism or at least quite tolerant of the first week of Obama’s presidential moves.
    It would almost be a relief to see MSM articles in critical mode.
    clarencegirl’s last blog post..The baby kissing effect begins to fade for Obama?

  7. I don’t think those comments are targeted at someone like you. They are targeted at the kind of people who ‘shop pictures of SuperObamaMan ripping open his shirt to reveal his secret feminism-rescuing identity.

  8. I have this very strong image of a glitter-drenched unicorn behind my eyes now.

  9. Or a vampire-unicorn from Twilight.

  10. Most of the media I’ve seen here in the US is mixed. I suppose, and this is an unpopular opinion, that any foreign media outlet that bought into the omg things will be so much better and America will stop sucking RIGHT AWAY idea does not deserve to complain. It undermines them and it oversimplifies American government…rather ironic, that, considering the common complaint about American media on international issues.

  11. And on that point, any American media outlet that bought into that doesn’t deserve to complain either.
    Better worldwide media coverage for all!

  12. I should clarify here that I’m talking mostly about USAn outlets.

  13. Oh. {feels sorta stupid}


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