Otterday! And Open Thread.

The otter of the week comes from Idahobill2008 on flickr, who has a whole series of great shots of otters and other wildlife.


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. Total nattery — when your blog came up, before my eyes actually focused completely on the otter picture, I thought it was Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. I think it’s the streaky swirls around the otter’s shoulder and the iridescent colors.

  2. 😀 So, before my holiday I bought like, four copies of Herland to give away. Two to designated cousins, and another two have been loaned out to friends who are showing intense interest in the subject matter. Both are, may I add, burgeoning feminists as well, provided they don’t get sucked into the Patriarchy(tm) (one’s constantly around testosterone-laden young lads, another’s married). I’m feeling rather pleased about that.
    Also, am re-reading Good Omens, and trying to imagine who would play who if it made it into production.

  3. What have you come up with so far, in terms of Good Omens productions, Jha? Are you thinking in terms of movie or stage? I think it would be a great movie, if they could fit it all in…

  4. Today (and for most of this week) I have been frustrated by very slow internet. My supposedly super-dooper ADSL2 connection has been constantly dropping out, and when I do have an connection it is SLOW. As in dial-up slow, but shakier. I’ve spend hours on the phone with tech support people who spent an awful lot of time telling me that it must be the fault of my equipment (which they were sure had been damaged in a storm that I wasn’t telling them about), but then when I tested it with all new equipment (new phone plug, new cord, new splitter, new modem), it still didn’t work– in fact, the connection was worse. So my ISP finally began to believe that it was a line fault, and they’re organising to send a Telstra person out to look at the line at some stage (although I don’t know exactly when that will be, as they haven’t called me back to update me on the situation as they promised to).
    So now I have to wait for Telstra, who will probably also believe that my equipment is at fault and try to charge me a $105 fine for a false call out, so I’ll have to go through the whole process of showing them that the new equipment (which I really have to return to the store) doesn’t work either– although with Murphy’s Law and all, the new equipment will probably start working perfectly the moment the technician turns up, only to drop out when ze leaves.
    Of course, the second paragraph is all speculation and I really shouldn’t get stressed out about it, but damn it, I’m hot and frustrated and I WANT MY INTERNET TO WORK PROPERLY.

  5. Who are you with, Beppie? Internode has been very good with me and my internet issues, and I haven’t even had to go and pretend to buy new equipment. There are a thousand tests they can do from their end, so there’s really no reason they should put you through all that crap… I can understand why you’d be grumpy!

  6. Time to apologise for my continued absence since I’ve come back from hols – I’ve just had to catch up with so much that happened while I was away.
    Couple that with an explosion in clients (good news, except for how it impacts the time available for blogging) and my time to write posts is limited. I’m still lurking whenever I can though!
    I hope to get back to more regular blogging after the next week.

  7. I’m with iinet, and generally they have been very good (been with them nearly three years)– they did, in fact, do tests from their end, and I have the feeling that their insistance that I try new equipment this time has something to do with it being electrical-storm-damage time of year, which probably means they’ve also had a heap of customers stung by the $105 fee from Telstra. It’s just frustrating that I’ve had to run through all these hoops only to conclude that the problem is what I thought it was in the first place– but with no guarantee that the Telstra person will actually see it the same way.

  8. Some interesting discussion over at Feministe for those of you who haven’t caught it already: Feminist Films and TV

  9. I hate PMS. I really do. It’s not like the things bugging me today are things not annoying, not frustrating, not upsetting, it’s just SO frustrating to feel beholden to emotion for this short burst, like you can’t just take a deep breath and move on. Anyway…fuck. After expressing some of it to someone trusted I feel somewhat less on edge. But I’m sick of my damned uterus, I’m sick of periods, I’m sick of PMS, I’m sick of sexism, misogyny, racism, homophobia, and our idiot world. I need me some dvd therapy.

  10. WildlyParenthetical:
    It would DEFINITELY have to be a miniseries: one ep for each day, except maybe the last day could be a whole TV movie on its own. There’re so many brilliant nuances that shouldn’t go unspoken.
    The problem is trying to find someone who plays an angel that comes off “gayer than a barrelful of monkeys”. And after a bit I dispensed with the whole thing and thought to myself, wouldn’t it be awesome if Emma Watson was Aziraphale and Lucy Liu was Crowley? I think Lucy Liu would make a wicked Crowley.
    I mean, the tons of potential awesomeness brought on by any kind of pairing (Stephen Fry and Dave Chapelle, was my first idea, but I thought maybe it sounded racist to have a POC playing an Angel who did not so much as fall as vaguely sauntered downwards, as funny as Chapelle is – or Terence Mann and Paul Blackthorne from the Dresden Files – or any permutation of really awesome performers) is enough to keep my brain busy for hours.

  11. Thanks for pointing that out, tigtog, I’d been meaning to go over there and post. *fail*
    And good news amidst rising anger: I got into grad school. Thanks for everyone here who offered advice and support.

  12. Congratulations, Bene! When do you start?

  13. Late September. So I’ve got a while to go, still slogging along through average life (including continuing to plan the Bene/Mr Bene wedding of doom…which I should really blog about one of these days).

  14. Congrats, Bene!
    I have… a lot of cleaning to do and appointments to schedule.
    Chally’s last blog post..No one should be scared to go to school

  15. I could write a strongly worded letter to Lindsay Tanner’s office using appropriate punctuation WITH MY BARE HANDS! People on Newstart get nothing again!

  16. I’m feeling weirdly nostalgic over receiving my first Nigerian Scam email for years.

  17. Further to the Government blocking a Greens’ Senate bill to overturn the ban on foreign aid being used to fund abortions, this is very, very disappointing, and I can’t for the life of me understand why such an archaic measure is still in place in 2009. Especially not when there is overwhelming evidence that shows the burden of death and disability due to unsafe abortions. The Government has all this evidence. Why can’t they now do the humane, decent thing and allow women in countries that receive Australian aid funding (and where abortion is legal) to access safe terminations. Completely and utterly disgusting.

  18. Amen Rachel.
    We had a possum in the house this morning. The sooty little paw prints lead me to suspect that this possum fell down the chimney and, like Santa, it came bearing gifts – the most copious sprinkling of scats I’ve ever seen. “There’s a possum in the house and s/he’s pooing and widdling with wild abandon” – why didn’t that make it into the story book, hmm? I’m still picking up stray scats (hey, spoof ska-band name).
    And in a fine illustration of the principle that you only see what you expect to see, I had been mucking about making coffee for about 10 minutes before I noticed the little critter sitting on the window sill, not 30 cm away.

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