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  1. Because obviously girls wouldn’t study maths…
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  2. *snorts* And I was the drama kid at school.
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  3. Oh ffs. That is just a bit blatant isn’t it.
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  4. (This was the whole Gro-Shu range at Payless, by the way; I’m not cherry-picking. I was looking at sandals for me, as I have one pair of Gro-Shus that I really like. “Ladies” shoes be damned, these are far higher quality and more comfortable.)

  5. It would take my family all of 5 mins to completely discredit the sizing structure. Me: excels at math, ok in drama, size 9, sometimes size 10 depending on shoe. My mother: hopeless at math, drama teacher before retirement, size 10, sometimes size 11 depending on shoes. My grandmother: hopeless at math, hopeless at drama (can’t keep a christmas suspense going longer than 10 mins), size 10. My father: excels at math, hopeless at drama, size 10. My brother: hopeless at math, excels at drama, size 12.
    Gro-Shu sizeism, FAIL.

  6. If I was in the market, I’d be buying Grosby:

  7. OK, me being a silly man I just couldn’t figure out what you were pointing out… then click goes my brain .. ohh now I understand. I see this type of thing everywhere, a guy at work wont even let his son have some pink colour on his shirt , for goodness sake, because thats for girls! geez. He also thinks women are to serve men – don’t know how his wife puts up with him.
    Our perfectly healthy boy loves pink 🙂 even wanted a pink computer. But I am seeing some peer pressure from school friends coming through.
    And he takes size 8 adults shoes (he is 10yo btw) 🙂
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  8. Oh dear. Maths and drama happen to be the two pursuits I am best at. What am I to do now?


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