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  1. Hahaha! Thank you, I needed that laugh. 🙂
    Now, I’m off to watch some AbFab.

  2. Can we have less photoshoppery and more gimpery please?

  3. I have nothing against GIMP, I’m just used to Photoshop, I have a copy, and I don’t see the point of learning a whole new system.

  4. I use Photoshop because GIMP isn’t nearly ableist/insensitive enough a name for my liking, and am waiting for them to rename it to Computer-Rendered Industrial Photographers’ Studio, or Rasterized Electronic Tinting And Retouching Device.

  5. Yeah, Chris, I was at a parent-teacher night about a week ago, and they’re getting the year 6 kids to use the GIMP software. Now while I want the kids to be introduced to new technology, I was just stunned that the software was named that, and that the teacher was happily announcing this to the parents as though *gimp* was not a very loaded word in our culture. But…no one else seemed to react.
    I know it can also mean a decorative edge, but given the far more widespread dehumanising abelist usage *and* the Pulp Fiction ‘Hur Hur, a man kept in a box and let out to rape a black man cos white guys can handle Others being raped for their entertainment and to feel they’re cutting edge’ is totally cool and awesome – I know let’s give him a dehumanising name’ context…I think they’re not playing on the ‘cool factor’ of decorative edging for silks, you know what I’m saying?
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..My, isn’t Sean Delonas in possession of a cutting-edge wit?

  6. Your pic is very good, tigtog.

  7. Man…. I never even KNEW there was another meaning! Either decorative or toxic. I was making a “why two extra syllables” comment. Guess the opensource geeks are similarly innocent. (If told it was offensive WITHOUT the explanation, my guess would have been “a contraction of ‘gammy’ with ‘limp’ which is an insulting reference to people with mobility problems”) It actually stands for “GNU Image Manipulation Program”, and like much GNU software, starts with a g.
    Oh well, you can always upgrade to “Cinepaint” which used to be known as filmgimp and was used in frame retouching in Harry Potter, LOTR, etc.
    BTW: TigTog – did you do the drawing? love the lowtech candle on the hitech.

  8. The drawing is alas, not mine (agree about the candle!) – sent to me ages ago and I have no idea who the original artist is – this is just a captioning effort.
    If the original artist ever sees it I hope that they don’t mind.

  9. The backlash against “concern trolling” bothers me a bit(you might even say I’m concerned, har har).
    I’ve posted a number of comments to left-wing and feminist blogs over the years that, given a bit of an unkind reading, might sound a fair bit like the above(though I hope less presumptuous and arrogant). I was not “concern trolling”.
    I am a socialist and a feminist, and my views on specific political issues are in most cases well represented on blogs like these(to be clear, I was linked here from Feministe), but I really do hate the way “my” part of the blogosphere handles dissenting opinions. Not because we’re any worse than the conservatives and/or the anti-feminists, but because we’re not better than the standard they’re setting for debate, which I think we’ll all agree is fairly low. I believe strongly enough in our arguments that I think we ought to be able to rise above personal attacks and emotional appeals altogether.
    In my experience, in these circles there’s ample room for disagreement within a specific continuum of points of view, but if you stray from that for a moment, your sincerity will be questioned and you will be labelled a troll. Furthermore, people (generally the subjects of blog posts rather than commenters — people who comment and openly disagree tend to be garden variety, non-concerned, trolls) who hold views directly opposed to ours are met with a brand of mockery that I find distasteful, even though I also generally strongly disagree with whatever the conservative du jour is saying.
    Even if we do assume that people who express concerns are Enemies of the Cause, how exactly would it harm us to engage them in reasoned debate? This is assuming that they are on-topic and polite themselves — as far as I can see, this seems to be the very modus operandi of the “concern troll”. (How nefarious.) It matters little if your opponent is choosing their questions maliciously — they’re not going to be able to corrupt your answer.
    You’re of course free to dismiss even this as trolling, but I assure you again that it really isn’t. These really are my views, and I’m not your enemy.

  10. @ Concern Troll?:
    Your concern is noted. It is often too easy to just deploy the “troll” label right out of the gate at any hint of disagreement, which is where I wish more commentariats would abide by the 3-comment rule before baring the fangs.

    Even if we do assume that people who express concerns are Enemies of the Cause, how exactly would it harm us to engage them in reasoned debate?

    Reasoned debate that’s on-topic should be perfectly fine. But that’s often not what those who express concerns are doing – what they want to debate is expressly off the topic at hand, engaging in concerns about the method of delivery rather than the meat of the message.
    Being herded into the same conversation over and over again is tedious, time-wasting and energy-devouring. That’s harmful enough in my book even if wasn’t also a distraction from the actual point of the discussion as well.
    PS. Other commentors may not see it, but moderators notice a mailinator address and that pretty much screams untrustworthy. There’s plenty of other roads to go down with a pseudonymous email account that is a more permanent piece of cyberspace instead of using one that only exists for a few hours.

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