Otterday, and Open Thread

This otter, courtesy of IRGlover on flickr, is begging for a caption. (For a simple captioning tool, try roflbot.)


Please feel free to use this thread to natter about anything your heart desires. Is there anything great happening in your life? Anything you want to get off your chest? Reading a great book? Anything in the news that you’d like to discuss? Commiserations, felicitations, temptations, contemplations, speculations?

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  1. A good friend of mine just had a baby! And her partner posted updates on facebook throughout the labour! I was very cool, and I’m so happy for them — they’re going to make wonderful parents.

  2. I know they are not otters, but the new Meerkats at Taronga Zoo are the cutest things!

  3. I’ve been reading this strip for a while, wondering just how bad it can get (it got very bad during the election.) There really is no excuse for this. Today’s “cartoon” attempts to somehow justify the monkey cartoon on the basis that well, Al Sharpton said something anti semitic once, so there!!…Que?

  4. …Just caught sight of the little pugly on the Flickr set at right. Awwwww pugs! Whose is he/she?

  5. Look out for Comet Lulin this weekend. May be visible to naked eye, especially next tuesday when it’s at its brightest but more likely binocs needed.

  6. “It’s just a roll to the left,
    Then move your tail to the ri-i-i-i-ight…”

  7. I promise not to take over the thread with Dollhouse discussion this week!

  8. The real estate agency up the road from me has this huge chalk board in their front window, that they use to write snarky right wing political commentary, presumably to show the community that even the real estate industry has a social conscience or something. It’s in a highly visible spot, on the corner of a busy intersection near westfields miranda.
    This week the board’s message of love goes:
    “Herald reports that the “Greenies” opposed the backburning that would have prevented the bushfires…typical! (scare quotes mine)”
    So Devine’s toxic fur ball of a column is casting a long shadow, and like for seriousness, they’re gonna use a human tragedy and the deaths of two hundred people, to advance their political agenda?
    SCUM of the fucking EARTH! And what a shameful misuse of discursive power. People will read that and think “Hell YEAH! Those damned greenies killing all those people, never voting for THEM!”
    This is a very white anglo christian middle class neighbourhood, obsessive with demonising any alternative political discourse.
    We don’t need ReMax and their blackboard shite helping it along.
    As was talked about on the bushfire thread here, it’s not even true, and thanks to FP for the links regarding that, I sifted through the threads and found them to use as references for the letter I wrote to the local rag about this.
    I’m pretty sure it won’t be published because the local rag might depend somewhat on ReMax’ business, but I let them have it all the same. I also rent my unit through this agency so I’m going out on a limb a bit, but ah fuckit.

  9. I’ve decided I really ought to tell my ex I have no interest in being “friends” since we barely have real conversation fodder. And he keeps saying “we keep arguing”. But he keeps bringing up the one sticking point I won’t budge on without comment, which is “I think employment equity is unfair”. Honestly, you say that to me, I’m not going to let that slide. Holy cripes. Apparently pavlovian training does not work on him, because he. keeps. saying. it. Ugh. Maybe I’m a moron for constantly taking the bait.
    On the bright side, the RPG my friends put together is getting active again. It’s wicked stuff. We play with gender, minority issues, and scifi-fantasy. I get a lot of mileage out of this one character, who I’m using as a model for communal parenting. An idea which, oddly enough, I got from this blog! How about that. You guys should stop by. It’s a great time!

  10. I just spent the evening at tea with Don talking about RPGs. Ah, back in the day, when I had the energy and time to run a monthly LARP and a weekly Tabletop and an online game and….

  11. Anna: You know, I’ve never done LARP nor tabletop… it’s all been videogames, and now exclusively text-based, collaborative story-telling, more of a creative writing exercise than an actual game, per se. And admittedly, I get a bit jealous when I hear of people actually playing out games like Masquerade and stuff.

  12. It was awesome, and I had the best times doing it. I ran a Vampire game and a Mage game, and we also had a homegrown fantasy game called Sunfall that did weekend quests out in the woods. Fun times.

    But, in my experience, folks attracted to LARPing tended to bring the Drama with them. (Me included, truth be told!) Far too many cases of players using games to hide their affairs drained me.

  13. Same idea, two captions…
    * “Honestly… the fish I caught was THAT fat”
    * “Rubbish… the one you caught was only THAT long”

  14. caption wise, I was thinking something along the lines of:
    “throw it to me…. throw it to me… throw it toooooo meeeeeeee…”
    in terms of the weekend, I have had a great start. Caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while, and it was great that the time lag between catch ups hadn’t faded the fondness nor trust. one bit of the conversation has even enticed me to write about a particular issue.
    babysitting a colleague’s kids tonight – which I enjoy, and then looking forward to catching up with other friends later in the eve.

  15. Hey, is anyone interested in talking about Vids? I ❤ talking about vids.
    I wanted to recommend Shut up & Drive for the Martha fans in the house. 🙂
    I can talk about and rec vids all day – it’s how I deal with stress, and this is gonna be a stressful week.

  16. I’ve had my ergonomic keyboard for a week now, and all pain in my left hand has gone. Why did I wait so long? I trained as a physio – I should have known much better.

  17. I found a lovely quote on writing this morning:
    “If you tell yourself you are going to be at your desk tomorrow, you are by that declaration asking your unconscious to prepare the material.”
    I think I need to start picking out blog-fodder before I go to sleep, and writing it up in the morning.
    Angus Johnston’s last blog post..Entitled Students? Which Students?

  18. Angus, I’ve certainly found that it works for me. The days that I get actual thesis writing done are days when I’ve told myself “I am going to do this today” instead of “I should do this today”.

  19. An otter with a video camera!!
    theparissite’s last blog post..Twitter twitch

  20. I went to the gym for the first time in forever today…I did about forty minutes then about 200 metres of swimming, which for a non swimmer (recovering from the flu) was both quite a bit of exercise and borderline stupidity. Anyway – I feel great but I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo sleepy!!! And I came home and scarfed down scrambled eggs with gruyere and thyme and heavy grainy toast with avocado and tomato and my favourite non dairy smoothie.
    I also joined the gym…I better make sure I get my money’s worth now!?
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Ratatouille

  21. I can has advice please ?
    I went to the gym on Sunday, and my muscles don’t hurt, but they feel sort of stiff and tired. My solution is to go to the gym again. I’m eating good healthy wholegrainy food and plenty of snacks of veggies with hommus etc to keep my energy levels up…but is it foolish to go back today? Trying to balance rest with keeping muscles working/not stiff. Is a happy compromise to do a low impact warm up on the bike, then a fifteen minute walk/jog/walk? I’m asking cos I know we have some physio and health gurus in the house. It’s just I have quite the addictive personality, and since I’m quite out of shape, I’m not sure of the best way to proceed…

  22. Stretching your muscles out for a good ten minutes or so, FP, before and after exercise. Can’t recommend it enough.
    See that otter? It’s stretching it’s back and shoulders out. No upper body soreness for that aquatic mammal.

  23. I think the otter is like a famous person caught sunbathing by the papparazzi and trying to stop them taking photos.

  24. The only thing I really took away from the Oscars (besides my slow discomfort re: Slumdog Millionaire) was this quote from Dustin Lance Black, author of the screenplay for Milk:

    ”If Harvey had not been taken from us 30 years ago, I think he would want me to say to all the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told they are less than by the churches, by the government, by their families, that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value. And that no matter what anyone tells you, God does love you and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights, federally, across this great nation of ours.”

    Even as an agnostic, it warms me.

  25. Helen, “…Just caught sight of the little pugly on the Flickr set at right. Awwwww pugs! Whose is he/she?”
    Pugsly is mine (or possibly, I am his) Aww pugs totally! His name is Casper, and he’s ten. And the loveliest lovely anywhere.

    (Sorry, couldn’t help it – that otter looks so worried)
    Hi Hoydenizens, catching up after getting horrifically out of date in Bloglines while teaching Janterm and then deciding I hated most of the internet (but not here, of course). : )
    FP – if you can stand it, I recommend eating a banana every day without fail (or some other equivalent source of fresh potassium). Bananas were my muscles’ best friend while I was training heavily in karate – total cramp prevention, excellent ache reduction after intense workout or a steep new effort. Really, really works for many people.

  27. Lots of stretching every day, FP, whether you’re working out or not.

  28. Heya, thanks for the advice PP, Theriomorph and Liam – so I’ve been at it since Monday and I’m loving it. Yesterday my muscles felt a bit the worse for wear in the back and I think it was cos I didn’t stretch enough before and after a run, and my body was like WHAT???RUNNING???
    I really HATE bananas, like they make me physically gag to eat them, but I’ve been having these smoothies with frozen banana, frozen berries and OJ so I manage to get one in a day. And just trying to make sure I load up on good solid healthy grainy fresh food, especially earlier in the day – my breakfasts have doubled in size.
    I keep getting annoyed at the way people react to a woman saying she’s getting into exercise (and to the sites alleging they’re about fitness but pushing weight loss). I’m not trying to get skinny, I’m trying to get strong and fit!
    But I woke up this morning feeling GREAT, and honestly if I wake up not wanting to kill the alarm clock that’s a good day…so this rush from exercise is new and mysterious.
    fuckpoliteness’s last blog post..Is smart the new sexy and other FASCINATING questions! Fuck the Sams, and why I’m gonna be light-on with the posting

  29. !!!!!! I thought I had nothing to say in the open thread this week and then, four hours ago, THIS INCREDIBLE THING HAPPENED.
    Chally’s last blog post..Ace

  30. Wow! Congrats, Chally.

  31. Whoo hoo, good one Chally!

  32. Holy crap! That is fantastic, Chally!

  33. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve spent the last thirty minutes telling everyone who’ll listen!!! And my Ace post got linked on this site and this site.
    And also I met Beppie. So this is one of the happier days in recent memory. 😀

  34. Hopefully incoming people will be respectful, etc. in light of the meaning of your post. (As some people may know, I’ve been critical of some of io9’s choices in the past, but this is really a good thing.)
    I got to meet Ms Butler once, when I was in college. She was…well, I suppose the only word that fits is brave; fiercely determined and always desiring the communication of her POV.

  35. “But I woke up this morning feeling GREAT, and honestly if I wake up not wanting to kill the alarm clock that’s a good day…so this rush from exercise is new and mysterious.”
    FP – I KNOW!!! I’ve been swimming, laps, fast. And it makes me feel so good! Who knew exercise can actually make you feel good? And why didn’t they tell us instead of trying to make us feel bad about not being completely free of normal body fat? It still sucks *while* I’m doing it (although not as much as it did when I started). But yesterday I swam 22 laps and today I woke up bouncy like Tigger.
    Also, am getting mysterious arm muscles. Ha.
    Helen, Casper currently busy disembowling a soft-toy possum that got him from the op-shop. He is so funny when he tries to be fierce!

  36. Well, first time commenters are on moderation, and if they’re not nice, I’ll cry via email to you. 😉 No comments via the link so far.
    You *met* Octavia Butler?! Wow, what an experience! There’s the bloke I know and I’d known him for a few months and I was checking out his bookshelf. ‘Oh, you have this Ursula Le Guin book, she’s my favourite writer!’ ‘Yeah, she taught me English in college.’ ‘!!!!’ ‘Well, I told you I was from Oregon, didn’t I?’ ‘…!!!’

  37. Sorry for the double post, but can anyone who has liked a particular post on my blog help me out by telling me? I want to put together a best of for the squillions of readers pouring in.

  38. I did! I met her, and in similar context I met Suzy McKee Charnas (and, long story short, got to go to the English Dept dinner with her), who is a fantastic feminist SF author. Both Butler and Charnas spoke to our class that semester for the full block of time, and it was a great experience. I only wish I could write fiction a tenth as masterfully and meaningfully, really.

  39. Suzy Mc- *wide eyes*.
    Chally’s last blog post..Welcome, new readers!

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