Call Kimondo a wahhhmbulance, he’s suing for blue balls

Kenyan man James Kimondo is suing G10 women’s rights activists who urged women to engage in a week-long sex strike as a political protest, the BBC reports. And the illustration on the Beeb’s article has to be seen to be believed.

He wants general damages from the consortium of feminist groups for his “anxiety and sleepless nights, mental anguish, stress, backaches, lack of concentration”, which he attributes to not being able to use his wife Teressia Wanjiku as a wanksock for an entire week.

Who are the delicate fucking flowers again?

[via Karen Healey]

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  1. Hell yea. Hasn’t he heard of taking it into his own hands?

  2. But he’s gotta perfect legal right! Damn those femmos for putting these uppity ideas into women’s heads!

  3. Did they change the illustration? It’s just your standard decapitated woman in a “sexy” shirt now (you know it’s a woman because she’s wearing a pink skirt of course).

  4. That’s the illustration. I have a problem with “sexy decapitated woman” as the standard illustration for any story involving women in any way, shape or form.

  5. That picture was awful! What does that headless woman have to do w/ the article other than proving that the world is all about the Male Gaze ™?
    All I can say is that if a sex strike is affecting his “happy marriage”, perhaps he needs to look a little closer to the mirror for the answers.

  6. Who are the delicate fucking flowers again?
    Not to mention the overly-emotional, insecure, and testerical (tm Melissa McEwan).

  7. Oh no poor little jimmy, imagine if he knew of my wish to abolish institutions of heteronormativity like marriage, gender and anything but wildly enthusiastic consensual sex, altogether.
    Two other things come to mind here. 1.The possibility of women putting themselves at risk by denying their men “conjugal rights”. and 2.Is denying the dudes sexual access for one week just reinforcing the notion that they actually DO have the right to unquestioned access all the time? How many of these guys felt entitled to make up for the week of denial, all in one night?
    I wish little jimmy could know how much anxiety and sleeplessness I’ve experienced over the years from worrying about the subjugation of women the world over and wondering just how much worse it will get before it begins to improve. Will it ever improve?
    Who can I sue for this?

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