Friday Hoydens: hoydens and their blogs

NB: I don’t necessarily read these blogs, but they keep on popping up in my Google Alerts on “hoyden”, so I feel like I should make some sort of net-gesture? Check ’em out.

the hoyden: musings from a loudmouth girl
hoyden (hoi`d’n) n. a bold, boisterous girl
; a tomboy

Krazy Karoline’s Kozy Korner: The home of Krazy Karoline’s Kulinary Kreations; Kwilts, Krafts, and Knits; and Kantankerous Kurriculum. All stories relating to real people have probably been embellished to make the story better. David Sedaris and Sarah Vowell are my heroes, so take that for what it’s worth.

Blogger profile: hoyden
Krazy Karoline, aka hoyden or the Chicken Spider, is a mostly first-year teacher who lives and works in California.

A Hoyden’s Look at Literature: A Swashbuckling Romantic’s reviews of the literary, the not-so-literary, the great fun, and the truly awful.

History Hoydens: Historical Romance Writers Dishing the Dirt on Research

H is for Hoyden, we know: Psychedelic, Bra-less, Cannabis, Traveling, Tie dyes, Rainbows, An impossible dream, Little Secretive Feelings

So far as I am aware, I was the first person to regularly use the word “hoyden” as part of a net ID, in my .sig block on USENet and various mailing lists as “hoyden about town”, a phrase which I then dusted off to name my blog back in 2005. It warms my heart to see more and more other women online using the word. I feel cromulently embiggened in my soul.

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3 replies

  1. Tarnation! Oy reckon you’ve goyven us all a hoyden!

  2. Cromulently embiggened

    Thanks very much, red wine on the keyboard now

  3. Now now, you know it probably needed a wash anyway.
    Keyboards are disgusting

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