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Did you know that being a woman means you hate Keira Knightley?  Fuck Politeness has done an excellent takedown of this, so I won’t repeat it here.

Also, did you know (if you are a married woman) that Tiger Woods has done you a favour?  Congratulations married ladies, you have made it into the “women you take home to your mother” or “Mad0nna” category. If you aren’t married and have had plastic surgery to enhance your breasts, are young with bed tousled hair and work in the service industry (waitressing etc) then sorry you are in the “Whore” category and definitely won’t be taken home to mother. You see, you are for the bedroom not the altar. Are we all clear on that?

Sorry, what’s that? You don’t believe in marriage? You aren’t interested in men sexually? You aren’t interested in anyone sexually? You’re transgender? I’m sorry you don’t exist in Andrew Bolt’s universe.  In this particular universe women only exist as mothers or mistresses, and all are receptacles for the male penis.

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  1. Reading Andrew Bolt always makes me think of this:
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    There’s nothing else there.

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