Femmostroppo Reader December 16, 2010

Items of interest come across recently in my feed-reader. What did I miss? Leave your own interesting links in comments.

  • “There’s a suggestion that you were rolling towards the police in your wheelchair”: BBC Interviews Jody McIntyre About His Assault By London Metropolitan Police Officers
  • – “I would like you to take a moment to imagine the look on my face when I realised that the BBC interviewer in the following clip (transcript below) actually asked Jody McIntyre, a 20 year old man who uses a wheelchair and has cerebral palsy, whether or not the fact that Jody is a “revolutionary” is reason enough for the police to have assaulted him twice during the London riots last week.”

  • Plastic water bottles, how I loathe thee
  • – “Our water is treated to such high standards that it’s honestly faintly ridiculous, given we use only two per cent of it for actually drinking. In fact, our quality of water is so high that study after study shows people can’t tell the difference between bottle and tap water. When all of that is true, it’s frankly absurd to purchase water at $3 for 600 ml, not to mention wasteful, decadent and sodding selfish.”

  • Hurrah for Commonsense!
  • – “Could some journo – I suppose it’s too much to hope for a Hun journo, but could someone with journalistic credentials please do an in-depth investigation to find out just how many schools and community groups are actively forbidding expressions of Christmas cheer? I suspect the answer might be “very few”, or “hardly any” or “really could not find any examples of Christmas festivities being forbidden as such, just an overwhelming meh-ness about the whole rampant sentimentality and consumerism thing”, but that might crimp the annual Festival of “Let’s Whine about Political Correctness”, or Boltmastide.”

  • Wikileaks – My 2c, which I’m sure you don’t need
  • – “So, Mr Assange, I hope Geoffrey Robertson does you proud and that you do indeed get the full benefit of due process. I hope your two accusers do likewise. And I’m sorry this joy-killing feminist can’t bring herself to think of you as a superhero who cannot possibly do wrong. Women a bit older than me went all starry-eyed and handmaidenish about ultra-charismatic male activists in the 60s, and look how far it got them.”

  • Mungo: WikiLeaks principle critical, but contents … oh well
  • – Mungo MacCallum on Crikey: “The zealots who are demanding the head of Julian Assange on a platter tell us that the revelations have placed lives at risk and have compromised the security of nations, but they have supplied absolutely no evidence for either claim. It would appear that most of the cables were stamped “secret” or “confidential” almost as a matter of reflex; there is nothing in them to justify the classification.”

  • Amazon’s Terrible International Usability and a Proposed Redesign
  • – “I buy everything online. Electronics, clothes, presents, all of it. I usually start with eBay, and if I come out empty handed I’ll try and find an independent ecommerce website. This year, when I went to buy an Amazon kindle for my mother, I ran into some usability problems I thought the Amazon ecommerce giant wouldn’t have.”

  • The Assange Case and the Great Feminist Schism of 2010
  • – “For me it’s more that simple logic prevents one from doing the usual thing and taking warlike tribal sides for the mud-wrestling when there are so many different aspects to this case, so much nuance and so many different things at stake. But what does seem clear, as Rundle implies, is that this case is going to do untold damage to the rights of women with regard to sexual assault, if only by weakening and watering-down the views of those most likely, in other circumstances, to support those rights.”

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  1. I drink tap water as much as possible, but I DO think that bottled water usually tastes much nicer; I can definitely tell the difference. I think a lot of it depends on where you live and how your water is treated, and indeed what the pipes are like in your house. At my old place, which is just down the road from where I live now, I found the tap water unpalatable — it always had a nasty metallic taste. In my current place, I’m fine with it — it’s still not as nice as spring water, but the environmental benefits of NOT drinking bottled water are far more important.
    I do know, however, that some people drink bottled water for health reasons — for instance, if they have an allergy to flouride.
    ETA: Which is not to say that I’m opposed to eliminating the sale of bottled water — just pointing out that it’s not accurate to say that one can’t taste the difference, because it’s very much dependent on where you live. And also that there should be some provision for people who can’t drink standard tap water.

  2. There should also be some advertising of the public health effects of drinking only bottled water on children’s teeth – for children who aren’t allergic to fluoride obviously. This is only anecdata but I have been told that the number of children – in middle class families (whom you would assume to have reasonable dental hygiene + access to the $ to purchase bottled water regularly) – needing to have significant numbers of baby teeth removed due to decay has increased dramatically since the introduction of bottled water. As I say it is only anecdata from someone who knows someone whose child had to have their teeth removed and was told by the dentist that it is happening a lot.
    [have just googled bottled water + children’s teeth – seems the jury is still out somewhat]

  3. The tap water doesn’t taste good straight out of the tap here, especially in summer, but after going through a Brita filter it’s great.
    If filtered tap water isn’t an option either for some reason, there are still cheaper and less wasteful ways of buying and toting water than buying it in many little individual bottles.

  4. We find Melbourne water tastes great if you put it in a jug in the fridge. I think there might be bits and pieces in it (no, not that 😉 ) which kind of settle when it’s left still.
    Beppie, I’m strange in that I really dislike the taste of bottled water. To me, it has its own peculiar taste.
    Thanks for the linky love, TT!

  5. In other news
    That is all.

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