Thursday Cheezburger: turn that shit up!

Today’s LOL theme is: turn that shit up! Rock ‘n roll and rebellion.

LOLcat: Tabby Road
Caption: Tabby Road

dog: With a rebel yell - She cried moar, moar, moar
Caption: With a rebel yell
She cried moar, moar, moar

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5 replies

  1. caption: in ur 1970?s, startin a glam rok band
    u noes, liek dese guys…

  2. rockstah kitteh praktis crowd surfin

    Rock Star turtle Has too many groupies

  3. Caption:nooo…Ke$ha sayz u need yur Stockings ripped all up the sides…I halps

  4. Explanation: Sew yer kitteh iz a big fan ov Lady GaGa. Who iznt? Well, besydes those who dunt lyk her. Dere r fings u can du 2 help ur kitteh embrayce the fan inside. Fur instance, start wit sum simpul accessories, like a lovely pair ov glasses

  5. Caption:dis mah Lady Gaga Outfit

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