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BBC promo shot showing Matt Smith as The Doctor standing in a large oval window, with an old man holding a lantern and a young woman wearing a cloak

Image Credit: BBC

I first saw the promos on our ABC a few days ago, and probably everybody else who cares has seen it by now, but anyway:  Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special fast-tracked so we actually get to see it Boxing Day!  Whee!  Set those recording devices to TARDIS – Sunday, 26 December at 7.30pm on ABC1

Trailer on ABC website.

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  1. And I’ll be off to New Zealand, so I can’t see it! D:
    Fortunately, we will get back just inside two weeks, so we can watch it on iView when we get home. I definitely approve of the fast-tracking!

  2. Hooray! Also caught the end of an ABC1 program that was doing a montage of Dr’s Who as they reincarnated. Christopher Eccelston got a big cheer, David Tennant an even bigger cheer and a huge cheer for the latest Dr (whose name temporarily escapes me). I didn’t cry but some audience members did, which almost brought me undone. Very nicely done.

  3. Have most of us caught up with this now? Should we discuss the episode here, or shall I throw up a Whoydensday post tomorrow, to make it easier for the spoiler-averse to avoid them?
    I had it all set up to record so that when another show we were watching overran I wasn’t bothered, I just switched to recorded programs to catch it from the beginning 10 minutes later. Except somebody else in the house (no confession has been forthcoming) had checked whether it was set to record and inadvertently CANCELLED the recording when they did so.
    So I missed the first 10 minutes. Will have to iView it, or maybe just youtube.

  4. So I missed the first 10 minutes.
    Well, basically the Doctor talked too fast while bouncing around like a manic pixie, Amy managed competently in a deadly situation while placating Rory, the other characters set the scene for our heroes without deviating from their stereotypes, and the setting was Steampunk. Hope that helps!

  5. We were watching it, and there was a complicated set up at the IL’s place where the sound was coming through speakers from another TV that was recording it, then the other TV switched to recording something on SBS so we missed the last couple of minutes of dialogue because no one could work the remote to get the sound back on. #first world problems!
    I’m still not sure if the recording missed the last couple of minutes also, but I’m guessing it might have. I haven’t worried about i-viewing it.

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