Signal Boost: Jon Swift Memorial Round-Up 2010

I’m so pleased to see somebody take on this fine tradition following blogger, journalist and writer Al Weisel’s (aka Modest Jon Swift) untimely death earlier this year. The year-end Blogger Round Up lives on – honour Al Weisel’s memory by reading, bookmarking and/or contributing to the collection of self-nominated favourite posts from 2010.

Lance Mannion explains:

It made Al fume that the big kahunas of the progressive blogosphere didn’t do more to nurture and promote new and different voices on our side and he was determined to make-up for that neglect by focusing effort and attention of his own on them.

One of his projects was a year-end Blogger Round Up. Al/Jon asked bloggers far and wide, famous and in- and not at all, to submit a link to their favorite post of the past twelve months and then he sorted, compiled, blurbed, hyperlinked and posted them on his popular blog. His round-ups presented readers with a huge banquet table of links to work many of has had missed the first time around and brought those bloggers traffic and, more important, new readers they wouldn’t have otherwise enjoyed.

It may not have been the most heroic endeavor, but it was kind and generous and a lot of us owe our continued presence in the blogging biz to Al.

Batocchio, of the Vagabond Scholar, is honouring Al Weisel’s memory by doing a Memorial Roundup for at least this year.

Jon Swift Memorial Roundup 2010 (The Best Posts of the Year, Chosen by the Bloggers Themselves)

Batocchio put out calls for bloggers to nominate their posts a while back, which I missed, but he’s asking people who didn’t get the memo to leave a comment nominating their own favourite post for 2010 to add to the collection. Obviously, the collection is going to be mostly US-centric, so if you feel a bit overwhelmed as a non-US-blogger with adding your bit to the lot over there, please feel free to leave your choice of favourite post of the year on this thread instead.

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  1. Thanks for spreading the word, and have a Happy New Year!

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