Media Circus: man who shouldn’t be in govt gets way too much attention edition

And the Abbott government is loving that everybody’s looking at Bernardi instead of keeping an eye on them.  C’mon, we’re smarter than this, right?

Kudos to Bernardi’s publishing house marketing team though.  They timed this perfectly.

So, what are some things we could be doing that are more important than Corgi’s thoughts on anything?

How about signing the petition against the deportation of Ali Choudhry for starters?

What else?

What news story/commentary/analysis has grabbed your attention lately?

As usual for media circus threads, please share your bouquets and brickbats for particular items in the mass media, or highlight cogent analysis or pointed twitterstorms etc in new media. Discuss any current sociopolitical issue (the theme of each edition is merely for discussion-starter purposes – all current news items are on topic!).

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  1. Overton Window Washer?

  2. Yes, Bernardi is a nitwit but he is an influential nitwit and a lot of non-political people in more conservative areas of Australia still take him and Abbott seriously.

    • What I’m finding most depressing in the comments is how many people don’t understand the difference between a Senator and an MP, and that Bernardi has already been “voted out” in the last election even though he’s still sitting in Parliament until June 30th. The same people don’t seem to understand either that South Australians have not “kept voting for him” – they only voted for him once 6 years ago when back-room machinations placed him at the top of the Liberal Party Senate ticket. In the last election the Libs were so sick of him that they put him at the bottom of the Senate ticket, and he thus failed to get his quota, which was the result they wanted (being so confident of getting all their other candidates up and adding to the LNP majority) [correction] well, embarrassingly (see below) all of that was wishful thinking – I didn’t factcheck enough and got carried away by seeing Bernardi’s name of a list of Senators whose term was expiring.

      Once he’s out of Parliament most of his former party colleagues will stop taking his calls, and where will his “influence” be then?

  3. Self published. Says a lot. Getting some good reviews. 😛

    • Vanity-published or ideologically-published rather than self-published, methinks. The publisher has a record of printing glossy copies of whargarrbl from conservatives, and I have no idea if the company has ever made a profit [eta] but it definitely has an agenda.

  4. On FB a clever person suggested calling or emailing them asking for review copies (free). Put a dint in their pockets at the very least.

  5. What I find disturbing is how the SMH article you linked to, Mindy, seems to be implicitly defending Bernardi’s book. Or is that just me?

  6. I thought the same thing Jo. It was the snarky ‘haven’t even read it’ bit that gave me that impression. But maybe they just don’t like reviews from people who haven’t read the book they are reviewing?

  7. Yeah, that was the snarky bit that made me suspect too, Mindy. Not that it surprises me in the mainstream papers.
    Hurrah for the news on Ali Choudhry! I just signed that petition earlier today. (Probably too late to have affected the halt, but it’s still great!)

  8. I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but Bernardi was actually re-elected to the Senate for another term at the 2013 election. According to the AEC website he was still No 1 on the SA Libs Senate ticket which, given his gay marriage = bestiality comments, says a lot about the state of the modern Liberal Party.

  9. Much as it pains me to say it, Senator Bernardi was re-elected to the Senate on the first count in September’s election, and so unless there is a double dissolution he will begin a new six-year term this year. Results are here (the Liberals and Bernardi are group AG):

    • I still think not enough people understand how the Senate works, but it appears I was guilty of not checking enough to confirm that what I thought had happened had actually happened. My bad.

  10. I’ve always wondered why some people like Bernardi want to pick the few mentions of homosexuality in the Bible and prioritise their interpretation of them over the multitude of references to wealth and how “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” (Mark 10:25).

  11. Thought it was too good to be true. Dammit.

  12. Corgi? Scuzzbucket Bernardi gets called Corgi?
    But but but
    corgis are gorgeous!
    What an insult …

  13. Nothing to do with a certain senator, but here is an interesting article comparing the Wikipedia entries for penis and vagina.

  14. Good takedown of Bernardi in the Age today, pointing out he’s no conservative but a wannabe Tea Party type.

  15. Kitteh, my corgi is gorgeous. I will have to appropriately pseudonymise some photos of her.

  16. I was very happy to hear Bernardi was going to be all finished in June. My disappointment on finding he is not is intense. Re-elected. Such a sad word.
    Abbott has described the calls for information on what the hell Australian Navy boats are doing to refugee boats as “idle curiosity”. I’m feeling some rage.
    Could we have another country, please? This one’s defective.

  17. Ah, sorry Tigtog, I’ve been distracted recently. As I understand it, the Overton window is the range of acceptable media debates, and influences public consciousness. At one time the far left of the overton window included abolishing slavery, then the debate moved, and the idea became more mainstream. By having one raving idiot dragging the discussion off in the direction of what is currently stupid, and then a few people talking about how they might have a point, or it pays to listen to everyone, the public gets used to the idea. With some clown trying to move the Overton window at the same time as they could be used as a destraction, the possible future is being used as a smoke screen for the current government, and the people pointing at the current government are also a smoke screen for the possible future.

  18. I understand the Overton Window and “framing” issues, Matt – I just didn’t get the “Overton Window *Washer*” bit – it seemed like you were making some joke that I wasn’t getting.
    Bernardi is definitely trying to *shift* the Overton Window on these issues, no argument there.

  19. tigtog, it is illegal to use an unseaworthy boat in Australian waters, and you would think that being on a fishing boat in the Australian EEZ is prima facie evidence of illegal fishing as well.

    I find it ironic that Christopher Pyne, the education minister, comes from a state with majority illiteracy:

    • I don’t believe it is illegal to be a passenger on an unseaworthy boat, Hildy. Seaworthiness is the responsibility of the owner/operator.
      As to whether they are fishing boats or not, the ones I tend to see in TV footage look like multi-purpose small vessels, exactly as I would expect many boats in use in most ports in Indonesia to be. They certainly have not been set up with trawling nets or any other obvious signs of commercial fishing operations, at least in part because the confiscation policy of successive Australian governments has meant that commercial fishing vessels are far too valuable to risk for asylum seeker transportation.

  20. Chris Pyne is from SA, not Tasmania. They can have him if they like.

  21. My mistake. I wonder why I thought he was from Tasmania.

  22. I’m beginning to feel like I need to apologise on behalf of the voters of South Australia…

  23. Kitteh, my corgi is gorgeous. I will have to appropriately pseudonymise some photos of her.

    Corgi pics, please, Hildy? 🙂
    Speaking of men who shouldn’t be in government (and thankfully this one isn’t), I got a fright today. I saw a man who looked like Mitt Romney at my cafe.
    I’m surprised the milk didn’t curdle.

  24. *”My cafe” as in the one I go to. I don’t own a cafe.

  25. I’m still waiting for Cory Bernadi to release his version of Single Ladies
    All the single mothers, all the single mothers
    All the single mothers, all the single mothers
    Now put your hand out!
    at Centrelink, what did you think?
    The Government is your keeper?
    He decided to dip, now he wants to skip:
    He’s a sower, now you’re the reaper.
    Cause if he liked you then you should have ‘changed a ring for it…
    Had a lock and key until he dropped down on one knee for it,
    Then no matter how you feel you gotta stay with it,
    and your kids must clutch a mother’s apron string dammit!
    Cory will of course choose his own costume, but I have a few suggestions.

  26. @Kitteh – last week I had a bus driver who looked just like Phil Collins…

  27. angharad – better’n Mittens! Wonder if he could sing? 😀
    I saw a tram driver once who was a dead ringer for Richard Griffiths. I couldn’t stop staring at him (luckily he didn’t notice, this was at the Domain stop and he was in a different tram).

  28. I don’t think the South Australian voters need to apologize for Cory Bernardi’s existence in Parliament anywhere near as much as the Liberal Party. It is the Liberal Party who keep putting Senator Bernardi at the number one spot on their senate ticket, knowing full well that will guarantee his continued re election. An opinion piece I read recently pointed out Senator Bernardi’s thoughts on workplace relations, and suggested that, in keeping with those views, perhaps Sen. Bernardi ought to make an individual agreement with the people of South Australia, rather than continue with present arrangements.

  29. The University of South Australia is making an arse of itself.
    Scary part is, if the Liberals had ever heard of MRAs, they’d probably love the idea of having them “teaching”.

  30. The opening line of that “male studies” article (why not “men’s studies”? Oh, wait, I think I can figure that out) is hilarious:

    [Organisers of the course] insist they are not anti-feminist and “it’s very difficult for anybody who has opposing views to get a word in”.

    So they’re not anti-feminist, they just have views opposing feminism? Glad we’ve cleared that up.
    Of course, there could be a huge role for a genuine course in masculinity and health-related behaviour/ideas/constructions, but I doubt that this is a good way to go about it. Funny, I remember doing a fair bit of study on the topic within medical anthropology/gender university courses way back in the day. It’s not like the topic hasn’t existed in tertiary education up till now. These chaps aren’t quite the brave pioneers they’d like to think they are.

  31. @Arcadia – well I was thinking of Christopher Pine as well.

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